Any throwers in upper NJ?

Hi, I want to meet someone who knows what there doing YoYo wise.

I’ve been doing it for 3 months now, and I think I’m as far as I’m going to get without help.

Anyone want to meet for lunch? I live right next to the Rockaway Mall, in Morris county?

im in Hudson county but have about just time throwing as you do so I don’t know how much help id be

I live in atlantic county and have been throwing for a little over a year. You should try and make it to woodbury sometime to go to tiki tiki yoyo club :smiley:

do you guys know of any clubs in new jersey? I’ve been looking for them but can’t find any

Unfortunately, not yet. However, I do plan on creating one soon. I live in Bergen County, (B-town represent!) and the nearest clubs here are the the New York Yoyo Club.

The only one I have found, is the TikiTiki board game store down in woodbury. They have a yoyo night once a week. However I live an 2 hours away from it. It’d be shorter for me to go to one of New York cities yoyo clubs.

Part of why I posted this is that I might start a YoYo club, if there are a few other people. It would either be at the Rockaway mall, or somewhere near Montclair, as I’m going to college there.

Montclair is close to me so that might work. A few malls up here would also be a great place to set up meets because of accessibility.

However, NJ needs clubs down south, not just up north. Having clubs in both regions, (maybe even central?!), will benefit all.

Yup. It seems there are a bunch of us throwers in northern New Jersey, but we’ve somehow all never met. Not many clubs up here though. Closest thing is NYC club.

Sure does seem like we have enough people to make a northern NJ club though. :smiley:

That idea sounds great to me. I live right next to Montclair.

Even though they’re our high school football rivals. But I’ll try to let that slide during yoyo times.

Alright, well we have 3 people at least. I would be down to start a club. Im barely past 3 months now, so I don’t know much. I live nearly dead center of upper NJ, so by me is sorta perfect, but I go to Montclair soon, which is a great place for stuff like yoyos I think we could meet in the Rockaway mall maybe for the first few times, as long as we walk around a bit and are not to many people. Otherwise, right nearby is a park/feild called Peterson Feild. That place would be the best really, but its outdoors.

Hmmm. There is a game store like the TIKI TIKI shop nearby ish too. I could ask them.

That sounds like a really good idea. A store would probably be more accepting and a better place to spread yoyoing. It might even bring in business for them, which I bet they’d love.

What’s the name of the store? Just out of curiosity.

They are called All in one collectibles. This is there website

ooh, and it has FNM too! Just 44 minutes away from me

Whats FNM?

And I guess we can talk about when and where. If we give it 2 weeks, we might get more

FNM stands for Friday Night Magic, as in Magic: The Gathering :slight_smile:

Let me just crawl to my hole now. I play Magic. And I didn’t get that.

Maybe we can meet there this Friday, before it starts. Maybe. It might be far for you

it only about 40 mins away from me I could go just me know if you guys are going to do this

I just started playing Magic; I’ve got a nice collection going as my cousin gave me his Eventide (2008) and M11 cards when he was in High school-College. I need to sell or trade them, however, because they are too old to use.

As for the meet, I’ll need to ask my dad to drive me there, or if I can get ANY ride whatsoever. :o

Guys I’m in central jersey too and I would totally go to your club. I really hope this plan ends up working out because I’ve never met other yoyoers!

I’m also only 30 mins away