New Jersey?


Are there any other yoyoers in NJ? I live in Bergen county.


Sorry bro, I’m a Pennsylvania boy.


NJ Yo-ers are a rare breed for sure.
Pros consist of CJ Atkinson, Michael Kurti and Shane Karan.


We’re working on it.

Just a note. NJ state law prohibits driving in the left lane, passing only. So people from out of state, PA especially, move over. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is gonna get moved…

Im in cali boyyyyyy


Shane karan is an awesome guy. I met him when I was 4 and every time I go he helps me with tricks and give me pointers


I’m in Jersey. Way down in Ocean County though. NJ throwers are definitely few and far between.



Where at in PA?! I’m in central PA :smiley:


Beaver County


Hmmm…never heard of it… oh well nice to know I’m not the only one throwing in PA :slight_smile:


I’m in NJ. Never met a thrower in person. My mom actually happens to work in Bergen county though…

I think this just got interesting.


Cool! What town does she work in? Ive never met another thrower in real life either.

(2Sick Joey) #13

Anyone kinda close to Phillipsburg, NJ? I’m in PA but a two minute drive till I’m in Jersey so if anyone is close maybe we can meet up!

(laxdude99) #14

I live in new jersey bergen county in fact


Upper Saddle River. You anywhere close by…?


Omg that is like 2 towns over!


Nice! It seems like there’s laxdude99 around too. Maybe something could be worked out. :smiley:


That would be soo cool! As i said, ive never met any other throwers face to face.


Me neither. I have wanted to meet some for a while (naturally), but I always thought I would have to go to some contest or club or something to meet some.


Me too!