Anybody in Jersey City/Hoboken Area?

Closest Yoyoclub is NYYYC in the City but the commute is ridiculously expensive now and wow :open_mouth:
So anybody around the area?
Or anybody wanting to start a club up?

I’m in Scotch Plains, which is about a 30 minute drive from where you are. I was thinking about starting a club in central/northern NJ sometime with my friend. Would you be interested?

Heh, hello my Jersey City friend~! I’m up at Bergenfield from Bergen County, which for me is about half an hour from here.

It’s great to know that there are people around in NJ and hopefully we can all start a brand new club

Over the summer, go to Air Circus in Ocean City. Great experience and great throws. I think they had some ricochets. Thursday nights are family nights, and there’s a ton of freestyles and contests, it’s an awesome atmosphere!

The NJ yoyo scene has really been growing. 8)

We really need a place for Yoyo meets…but where ???

I’m also in Northern NJ (Hackettstown), and I would be interested in a club as well. Anyone have any information on organized meet ups in the area, or should we just start our own?