any throwers in new jersey ( northern new jersey)

since my town doesnt have any real scene for yoyoing i was wondering if there is a scene anywhere in northern nj?

Jersey in general is a little sparce for yo’ing. I live here and thats all that matters of course but.

The Ocean City Boardwalk has family night in the summer. Air Circus sponsers some low end competitions with various skill games yoyo’s happens to be one of them. Gets a fairly decent turn out. We always bring a good portion of our yoyo’s to show and trade or sell if the need comes up.

CJ Atkinson and Shane Karren, spelling, are usually there to provide thee high end activities. LEDGERYOYO from the forums myself with son Mitchell in tow are also usually there. Laxdude also from the forums although have not seen him in a while.

Easy going time down there to just hang out if you can make it. Every Thursday night at the Pavilion weather permitting.

There are a few of us around here and there in NJ, myself included. A lot of people head into NYC for the club there, as far as I know. I personally haven’t been there, but I here it’s a good time.