Any body near Philly pa


I want to start up a regular throw down with some peeps so we can all expand out skills. If anyone is interested message me or find me on Instagram @SephSpurio


Hey… abouts where in Philly are you at? I live in Jersey pretty much right across the Walt Whitman, but have been looking for some people to throw with myself and wouldn’t mind driving over to Philly. I have to confess I’m just getting back into yoyoing and am only at kind of at an intermediate level.


If you guys are familiar with Ocean City NJ at all every Thursday night during the summer they have family night on the boardwalk.

AirCircus always has contests with yoyo’s and other items. Very laid back events but a nice place to get together and throw around.

Believe it starts end of June and runs till September weather permitting. AirCircus is located down by 13th street I believe. May be a block or two off on that one.


Thursday nights in OC aren’t anything I can do… I start work at 7:30am in Trenton M-F. Thanks for the heads up though!

(2Sick Joey) #5

I’m about 1.5 hours away from Philly.