Anyone who yoyos in NJ?


I’m from Jersey, and was curious to see if there were any yoyoers out there who were as well.

(Jesse) #2

Half the time I live in South Jersey. Pennsville, the first exit off of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.


I live in central new jersey. Middlesex.

EDIT: what I really meant to ask would be how often is half the time?

(Jesse) #4

Well when I’m at my dad’s house, which is half the time.

(Raphael) #5

Half a week, Half a year, Half an hour? He was wondering half of what measurement of time. :smiley:

(YoYoBlaze) #6

i live in budd lake NJ in the northern area close to new york


I live in Jackson, New Jersey…Six Flags Great Adventure for those who aren’t familiar with the town…


Yeah, I am up in Madison (Drew University). We need to find a place for us all to meet in New Jersey. I am tired of doing this alone. Any idea for some middle ground?


im in freehold NJ


Hey guys, I think its ridiculous that there are now like no yoyo clubs in NJ. So if there is anyone who lives in central jersey who wants to just yoyo with me for fun let me know. It’ll be fun


Hey, guys! I’ve been trying to find other yoyoers in my area since I started throwing over a year ago! I live in Perth Amboy, in Middlesex County, just accross from Staten Island. Anyone around here want to get together? I’d LOVE to!!


I’m in NJ! I’m just a little while a way from New York City in suburban Essex County (maybe 20 minutes in good traffic). I know there’s an NY yoyo club ( I’ve never had the time to go, but I’ve wanted to for a long time.


That is the club I go to, we have people from all over that go


I’ve been really trying to find time to go for a while, but since I was on my town football team and the games were on Sundays, I couldn’t make it. Now that the season’s over, I’m hoping I can go some time soon. I’ve literally never met another person that seriously yoyos, so I think that it would be a good time.


Im from cherry hill south NJ, we seriously need a south/ middle NJ club I’d even deal with Philly since it only 20 min away from me. I’ve also been tempeted to go to the NY club, I’d love to see some others.


I visit New Jersey like 10 times a year.


I just realized how incredibly old this thread is, and how it’s been revived so many times.