NY yoyo meet idea

i think all the yoyoers in ny should meet at cookpark or any where near colonie,albany,clifton park or any other ideas it would be great to be able and meet with each other any ideas pm me. and we might be able to get something going.

Dude, Just talk to me. I know everybody in the area and some aren’t on this forum. Just Contact me.

Yah same here.Thats brandon,andrew

ur right, but did u know theres a underground yoyo store in ny

where? underground yoyo store? by the way im in ny to

yo vivo del bronx nueva york

I hope your not kidding… Where is it?

NYC would be the best place to meet up. Set it up from like a year from now and get as many people as we can to meet at a park. We would get a good audience if we picked the right park. Theres tons of hipsters with cameras that would show up haha

im in ny