okay now im going to say this once please if your going to comment saying it goes in a diff section or wow dude you could of done this in chat or something please dont nif it belongs in a nother section the moderator will move it only comment if you live in new york and you are willing to have a meet so here it goes

okay fellow newyorkers i live in albany new york and i was wondering if anyone else did becuase i know 202andrew does and some others and we are going to host a meet/mabey contest at a collage in clifton park mabey but if not we will deff have a meet somewere around there soon and if you want in let me or andrew know

great im moving around buffalo

I am ATM trying to get a contest. Asking some people.

wow really there are other people that throw in upstate, I just moved to Cali, but wow

i live about 1 miles out of albany. i know this thread was from along time ago but is anyone still around? And are there any meetings or anything of that sort?

Anyone know a yoyo club in Canada? <3

I’m in Buffalo. Not much of a yo-yo scene in this part of NY.