Boston, MA area?

So there’s a ton of yoyoers out in western MA, but a 2h drive is a bit much for a yoyo club. I’ve heard there’s a club at MIT, but haven’t been able to figure out when/where it meets yet. Any other yoyoers out in the city? I’m in Cambridge, specifically. I’d love to find a group or meet individual throwers in the area.

I heard John Chow is a MIT. I was in Cambridge for my moms reunion and I couldn’t find any yoyo places. I found a store with a 100 yomega though.

NH yoyo club is in Manchester NH about 40-45 min ride from Boston. John Chow does go to MIT.

Hey man! Me and a few others run the Boston Throwers crew. Friend me on Facebook and I’ll add you to the group. My name is Ryan McDonnell. We tend to meet on Sundays at 2 PM in the Boston Common, but sometimes we’re inconsistent. So the Facebook group we’ve got tends to be the best bet. Glad to hear that there are more throwers in the Boston area.

And yeah, John Chow is at MIT and he’s part of our group. He’s been a little out of the yoyo scene lately, but he still joins us sometimes. I look forward to seeing you at a future meet!

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Awesome, thanks! I found the Boston Throwers group on Facebook and sent you a friend request and also requested to join the group. I think I’m sadly away for the next 3 Sundays, though maybe not this one. And on the 23rd I might go by states, since I’ll be out in Easthampton anyway.

I emailed John Chow a while back since I’d heard there was a group at MIT that he was associated with - I know he taught a class at SPLASH a while back - and he told me to contact him on Facebook, but I haven’t heard back from him on Facebook yet. I’m betting he’s pretty busy with the start of the semester.