Boston / Massachusetts yoyo clubs

im about to go back to school in the boston area and i was wondering if there are any yoyo clubs in the surrounding areas?

Drive to Easthampton, it’s the home of and they have regular contests and “throwdowns”

Im in newton, add me on Facebook and Ill add you to the boston throwers group. This goes for anyone else in the area. My Facebook is Evan Slack :slight_smile:

I thought easthampton was a little far do any of you live around fairhaven? I was trying to start a club

Easthampton might be far, but if you’re in Boston that’s about as close as you’re going to get. The Throwdowns are fantastic contests and a bunch of fun. The next one is Jan 24 I think, you should definitely come and check it out.

There is a facebook group / club known as the Boston Throwers, that used to meet on a semi-regular basis in Boston Common when the weather was nice.

But none of the Boston Throwers have any initiative or organizational skills, so as far as I’m aware, they don’t really meet at all anymore.

Can you link to the info on that I’m seriously trying to make the event: edit

Link found

Your Evan? Oh. I saw you at NER.

edit: oops, necro

Anyway, check out A2Z