yoyo store in LA

Hello, My name is Vincent Guimn and currently i am living in Seoul.
This July I plan to visit LA and SF, and im looking forward to going to big yo-yo stores ,if therez any,
and do some shopping: in Seoul, yoyos got quite expensive these days because of the changed exchange rate.
So um.where can I find a big, offline yoyo store, around LA? or in SanFrancisco?

There is both Redondo Beach’s Sunshine Kite Company and Chico’s (A city near SF) Natinal yoyo museum.

“near SF” means 3 hours

Redondo has many good yoyos, mostly yoyojam yoyos.
The store is called the “Sunshine Kite Company” and here is there website with info on where they are.


they also have yoyo classes every Saturday afternoon which are taught by some awesome yoyoers.
Grant Johnson and Yosshi Mikamoto of team yoyojam are frequent yoyoers there!

There are no places that sell yoyos in or near SF, but if you happen to be out here on a weekend, chances are there might be a yoyo club meeting in SF! And many of us sell each other yoyos, new and used :slight_smile:

Good luck!


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Yes, I honestly think it isn’t super far, if he is coming from The Republic Of Korea I think it’s worth 3 more hours to go to the Natinal Yoyo Meuseum. Plus, I live 3 hours away away from Redondo Beach and I consider myself to be near Redondo as I go there a lot.

Actually Sunshine Kite Company sells a lot of YoYoFactory yoyos, trust me, I have been there recently. They also sell Raiders that Yosshi can mod for you FH0s RecRav yoyos (sometimes), M1s, and a few others, if anything, they don’t sell mostly YoYoJam yoyos.

Not to many in los angeles but when you get here let’s throw I live in LA hit me up



sunshine kite company is awsome! but they sell yyf and yyj yoyos and not much other companies. but they have alot of good yoyos. on saturday, there is free yoyo class, i go there almost every saturday at 3:30pm. (most of the time) you can try yoyos and also, sometimes yoshi lets you try out his yoyos that havent even been sold yet! you can hang out, talk with friends, and help each other train for compedtitions. a lot of people here on yye go there. and there is a corn dog shop accross from there and they have the best lemonade! also there is a chinese place next to the corn dog place and i get a combo plate with fried rice, shrimp, bbq chicken, chow mein, and it is only about 8 bucks! it is a such a big plate i always split is with my dad! (sorry if i made you hungry) :smiley: