Where can i buy a YoYo in LA?

I want to buy a butterfly Yoyo, atleast i think that is what they are calle. I want to do sc string tricks.

Where in LA can i fin these?

Not in LA itself, but near is the Sunshine Kite Company, they sell yoyojam and some yoyofactory.
They are located in Redondo beach on the Redondo Beach Pier.

Hope you can find a nice yoyo!


This is your lucky day. YoYoExpert ships to LA! :wink:

I want to touch it, never held in a YoYo before :wink: So no Yoyo in central LA?

Toysrus has some pretty nice yoyos, I would recommend picking up a Duncan Reflex if you’ve never tried a yoyo before.

Okey than maybe i will look there, I would like a unresponsive yoyo, is that what the Duncan Reflex is? I can’t find it on the sales site here.

Also what does the silicone everyone is talking about?

Silicone is a type of response, similar to starburst, orings, and pads. But if you want an unresponsive yoyo, pick up a Yomega Maverick or Yomega Ooch Yo, but if you’ve never held a yoyo before, I highly recommend against buying those two yoyos.

So the unresponsive yoyos dont need any of this silicone? Okay, but really is there any trick you cant do just because you have responsive that you can do with a unresponsive? Some of the responsive still have a bearing so they spin and you can do “string tricks” ?

generally, unresponsive yoyos sleep longer, allow for more string in the gap, and let you do some tricks that would otherwise be impossible with a responsive yoyo. like most whip tricks you can’t really do with responsive yoyos.
unresponsive yoyos typically use silicone as the response.
there are some tricks you can only do with responsive yoyos, and some you can only do with unresponsive. to start out, I’d go with a responsive yoyo, or one that can easily go from responsive to unresponsive, like the yyf one.
near LA down in redondo beach (depending on what part of la, about 20 miles or so away) on the redondo beach peir is the sunshine kite company, where they sell both beginner and high end yoyos, mostly from yyf and yyj. On saturdays, a lot of people meet there to trade, share tricks, and just hang out.

I’m not sure about like toys r us, but they should have some good starting yoyos. I know some sport stores also sell yoyos. I’ve seen a lot of duncan yoyos at a big 5 before.

you can buy a cheap duncan yoyo like a freehand and make it unresponsive by simply removing one of the friction stickers, and cleaning the bearing.

As one of the guys already mentioned. Google the phone number. Call them. Go there on Saturday. You will find out an Amazing amount of Yoyo information there. Find out exactly when Yoshi will be there, and GO. You will be able to try yoyos for free and have ANY questions answered by a guy that does ALL 5 generally styles. It will the Best time investment you will ever make to find information about yoyos from an Amazing Yoyo Instructor. And all the kids are very helpful.

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Sounds great, but I wont be here on saturday… Then it will take a few years before I’m back again :stuck_out_tongue:

There has to be a toy store or a nearby hobby store where you are that carries yoyos. Otherwise, why not ask for some advice and come up with a budget. YYE can ship from Massachussetts to Los Angeles in 3-4 days.

I personally don’t advise starting with unresponsive play. I think something like the Legacy II or Dark Magic II are fantastic starters as well as good for moving to advanced and beyond. I think for the extra money, the Dark Magic II is heavier and the weight is distributed better. It is kind of on the larger side and heavier side of things. The plastic and metal combination gives you want you want and need at a price that’s really good. But if you could start with the help of someone else, maybe try something unresponsive. You might end up spending more or less, but you’ll know how to bind and can use that as a basis for your learning.

Too bad you’re not up where I live. But I’m over 400 miles away. Try anything I got, get some help, get some pointers. Short of that and actually even better, is contacting a local club or meet or team. Most throwers love to help others. Try, play, learn, share. Loads of fun.

There’s this place on the Santa Monica Promenade which is a toy shop that has yoyos, in Redondo Beach, the Sunshine Kite shop has yoyos, and I’m not sure if Illest in Little Tokyo has yoyos or not. I know it’s other store, Fatlace has yoyos, but that’s in SF.

Golden Apple Comics in West Hollywood I think still has a small yo-yo selection. The kite shop in Redondo has the best selection though.

I’d recommend hitting up here but if you want to see one physically before buying (I’m a lot like that, I prefer actually seeing something myself before making the purchase), I’d check out Sport Chalet. There’s one in LA (and throughout CA) and the one I was at stocked some YYF yoyos, being the FAST 201, PGM, Spinstar, and Velocity. My local SC also stocked Duncan FH2s, Pro Yos, Pro Flys, Pulse, Reflex, Mosquito, Imperial/Butterfly, and Flying Squirrel. I would actually give them a call and see what they have. I woul recommend the Velocity if you’re starting out. You can go from extremely responsive (with little to no sleeping unless you throw hard enough) to fully unresponsive in a matter of seconds via turning some knobs on the side of the yoyo. I like to refer to it as those Fisher Price roller skates we had as kids that had 3 settings: no free rolling, 1-way rolling (forward only), and fully free rolling. Though not the most graceful loops ever, this thing can loop.

Hope this helps.