Where can I buy a yoyo near San Marcos, California?

I looked everywhere for a good yoyo and the only place I can find decent yoyos are toys r’ us and sports chalet. They both have limited variety and don’t have a lot of good yoyos. Do you guys know any other place? BTW San Marcos is near San Diego so if your near it maybe you can help.

Order online here, it don’t take long at all. There all kinds of sites to buy from (even though you probably want it now) If you need a Credit Card you can purchase a Pre Paid Card from Wal Mart, Bank, or Local Grocery Store ( I get mine form Price Chopper). I tried the Store thing too, Cause I hate to wait, So I bought a Duncan Metal Drifter from Toys R Us and Removed the Response Pads and put RTV Silicone (people say you have to have it recessed but, I used the sticker recess and it actually works great. Last me almost a month) and Take some Lighter Fluid or Mineral Spirits (I use Mineral Spirits, Cheaper) to clean your Bearing to make it an Unresponsive Yo-yo if you know how to bind. But this Duncan is nice little throw and cheap and it will hold you over till your order arrives in the mail, plus when you make an order pick up some good string and an A Size Dif-e-yo KK Bearing or Center Trac both are good for this Duncan Yo-Yo. But as for a store in your location, not sure Good Yo-yos are better found in your Local Hobby Shop I believe there’s one in Chico. Good Luck with your search.

If you feel like a 2-3 hour drive Sunshine Kite Co on the Redondo beach pier sells YYF and some YYJ they also have a select few Recrev and Crucial throws.

You can pretty much buy anything online, but it’s still cool to walk into a store and check things out.

You should get hooked up with some local clubs. You might be able to find info on them here or over at YYN.

Technically I’m in a club, me and my friends yoyo everyday. BTW I don’t want to order a yoyo online because I’m only 12 and I ask my parents to buy me something online and I say, “I’ll pay you back.” They’re skeptical about online shopping so they just say no.

Yeah me too