San Francisco

Anyone know of any Yo Yo stores in San Francisco. I am going on a little vacation there in 3 weeks.

There’s a lot of yoyoers there. Contact josh yee on facebook, I’m sure he knows of a yoyo store there.

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you can buy stuff from me

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Did you by any chance check here:

Where to buy yoyos locally USA retail outlets (real store) only

As noted, call them before you go. The list may not be current anymore.

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I live in sf there aren’t many places to buy good throws sadly. I know in Japan town there is a store that sells ooch yos they may sell others but I’m not sure. If u look up 2yo yo club on Facebook there could be a yoyo meet. Good luck!

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Anti-Yo’s Kiya and Sonny live in San Fran and Kiya has his Self Edge store there. Doc Pop lives there. I’m sure there’s something.

There are a lot of kendama players there, it seems. The Kengarden is there too.

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I welcome you to my city with open paws and a happy heart ^ ^

Two places worth checking out.

First of all, is “SF Kites” by Pier 39 (near the wharf).
It is a kite shop that has a pretty decent selection of YoyoFactory yoyo’s as well as accessories. They also sell kendamas if you are into that as well. Few times I have been there, one of the workers is also a thrower and can be seen demo’ing some of the products, so it is definitely worth checking out.

Other store is “Japantown Hobby” in Japantown. It is a smaller store and their selection varies although usually small, but if you find yourself in the area, swing by and check it out. Their throws are displayed right in front of the main check out counter.

Hope you can find what you are looking for, and enjoy your time in SF!



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I believe our plans take us near the wharf for lunch one day so I will check it out…thanks

Just what category would you suggest it belongs in?
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Oh Ernest and guy live in sf I see them around and I hang with them sometimes yoyo pill Dama. U may see them around

Isn’t there a place in S.F. called Illest that sell some yoyos?

I believe Fatlace and YYF do business. Fatlace = Illest.

Fatlace / illest sadly went out of business due to lack of sales just before BAC.
The store is currently an empty lot, and it quite sad, being that it had a history with many of us throwers of the area.


Really? That’s a bummer. I live in Socal and just saw a car parked at the gym yesterday with tons of stickers (including Fatlace and Illest) that made it obvious the dude was from the bay area and it made me think of this thread.

lol. I knew something felt off.

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