Do you live near a yoyo store!?

I live relatively close to the Sunshine Kite Company, but I’ve never even been there. About 40 minutes away.

Takes about 10 minutes to get there. But if they don’t have something or if I’m ordering something for a friend, I’ll order from YYE.

you are so lucky!!!

i live within city limits of the yyf warehouse

too bad i 1 dont know where exactlythey are and 2 they dont sell yoyos off locaiton

mannnn. I definatly am jealous of all you who live by a shop. I don’t live near one, and only one of my friends yoyo. When I get a new yoyo, its either hit or miss. Well actually I dont really know about that, since most of the yoyos I’ve bought were very similar (skyline, 2 888s, and 2 m1s). I need to try out something new so I’m just gonna pick a random yoyo, see if I like it. If not… O well, I enjoy collecting.

I live in Seattle, I’m pretty sure there are no yoyo stores around.


You live in Seattle??? We should meet up at PNWR! I live 50 minutes from Seattle!

also kinda off topic but there isnt any yoyo stores in upstate NY, right?


The closest I can think of is YoYoNation in NYC, but that’s probably hours away from where you live.

Wichita, KS sadly means no yoyo stores. Nowhere within several hundred miles (Besides Toys’R’Us) has any yoyos. :frowning:

too bad yoyos werent like, godly and thay were sold like on every block… kinda like starbucks

or macdonalds im starting to see more mc donalds everywhere

i dont live near a yoyo store

and i buy a yoyo if i like the size weight shape and response type.


I live in northern va … and i live near … THAT YOYOGUY Dick Stohr - and he has a basement full of yoyos … i been there a couple of times … .

Thread only 9 months old or something. What makes people dig this far back?

I live about a half an Hour away from the Flambeu in Columbus, IN and they sell all the Duncan yoyos Cheaper than online. I have never been to it yet.

lol, yeah it is old , i was looking for people around northern va, and this post came up … so i posted :smiley:

johns toy and hobby shop(local) they sell mostly yyj plastics,velocity,hotshots,and a dm