How's the Yoyoing in Your area?

I was just curious, and wanted to know how yoyoing was in the other parts of the world. Can you please state where you live (not the address, just general area) and how the yoyoing is there.

I live in Cupertino, California, and there is like nothing here. There is like no one yoyoing. :’(
I just converted like one person to yoyoing, but that’s it. :’( :’( :’(

Does anyone live near me?

Umm, well theres a lot of yoyoers in CALI the world Yoyo contest in in chico… but In Minnesota yoyoing sucks, Only perwson is john narum that is like competative like me… But NWR is gonna be at EDazzling Daves house in like bloomington so i’m gonna go to that!

SoCal! ;D

Orange County to be more specific.

Plenty of yo-yoers here, although I’ve yet to meet one in real life…Hopefully, soon I’ll meet some people if I can go to the DXL competition in April.

Hamiliton county, ohio. YoYoing here is non-existant. :’( :’(

Arecibo, Puerto Rico; me and my brother are like the only serious yoyoers here but we’re progressing. My brother just made two of his friends buy a Journey and his teaching them to yo-yo. Me, I have at least three friend to convince, but I’m really close. I even lended my fas to one of them over the weekend to see if he gets the urge to buy a yo-yo, he already knows stop and go.

If you know anyone that lives near me PLEASE DO TELL!! :o :o ;D ;D

Only me and my friend yo-yo here in Illinois.

Upstate New York. People here just don’t yoyo and my friend and I are the only ones. They think Jamaican Flag is cool. Let alone Sleeper.

I yo in south central Illinois

I yo in a place where there is about 4 other serious yoers.

YYN is in new york.

Lots of people near me. Riverside, CA. I think Anthony lives in Riverside and Ernie too, I think. I was just at a contest today :smiley:

No yoyoers in north georgia. 20 miles south of chattanooga tennessee. i think i might be the only one! at leat that i know. i am 26.

well i live in indonesia and yes there are some very very good yoyoer here but they are not really popular.

no yoyoers in hinesville, georgia besides me and one of my friends…it’d be great to meet some more yoyoers around here…

I live in Norway. There is absolutely no yoyo environment here. I don’t know of any Norwegian yoyoers exept me, two of my friends and some guy named ståle that Samad knows.

None out here in New Mexico, so far I think I’m the only one

Well, I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

oh wow I’m not the only one, thats where I’m at to phiz :slight_smile:

i live in nutley nj. i dont even think its on the map much less has another yoer within 50 miles. luckily im not all that far away from ny where there are more players but its a pain to get there and back all the time…

Currently yoing in West Virginia, but started in upstate NY, there is nothing resembling a yoyo community in either place