$500 Cash Prize! At The 2009 Tennessee State Yo-Yo Contest

Want to Be 500$ Richer? Then start practicing and Bring your A Game to Nashville September 12th. More info coming soon…


:o That’s alot! :o

May be more! But as of right now its at least 500.

I could so use that $, but I live in CA. :’(

Yeah I totally beat you.

I live in georgia!!! There is NOTHING yoyo-related in georgia, so I really hope I can go… That would be awesome…

Well come on up we’d love to have you!

California is apparently filled woth yo-yo players.

Especually northern California and Oreange county.

I’m the only one in Stanislaus County.

No you’re not :stuck_out_tongue:

It sucks being the only one in my county. No Contests and Talent Show judges are suckers for singers that WRITE Their own songs. I wish we had contests like the TN States.

Are you serious? Do you know how many yoyo contests there are in CA? We have CA states, what are you talking about?

To be honest, you have no idea how lucky you are. CA is sprouting with yoyo contests. You guys just had BAC and the DXL battle. You also got BLC, CA states and nationals coming up. You are extremely lucky. You cna pay normal shipping price for everything you order and you got lots of contests. We got one contest here which is sponsored by a pizza restaurant and Colgate (guess how serious this thing is) and I can’t even go to it. You are seriously pushing my buttons when you say that it sucks to live in CA, because it just doesn’t.

pheenix is right. CA is the dream state for a yoyoer. In georgia, only one contest. GA state. CA even has real life yoyo stores!!! where you can try out any yoyo before you buy it! (no shipping!)
you really do have no Idea how luck theres y you are to live in CA.