how to join a contest

Like the topic says how?? Is there one in southern california?

depends on the contest. a lot of the bigger stuff (BAC, Nationals, worlds, etc.) have registration online.
some smaller contests probably have registration at the door.

not sure of any in socal. I think there’s a contest by the sunshine kite company on the redondo beach peir. not sure when though.

In northern california though, there’s Nationals in Chico outside of bird in hand.

BLC is tomorrow.

yep blc tomorrow but cant compete any more but you can go in costa mesa

DXL might happen some time in the future (don’t know when in the future).

So I might win the lottery too, so then your point is…?

Well, he asked if there were contests in So Cal and I said DXL might happen because it’s in LA.

isn’t south california where it all happens & begins and whatnot ? I’ve always been told that’s where all the good stuff comes from.

unfortunately not really. We only have one yoyo store (that I know of) down in socal. All the cool yoyo stuff is in nocal. Nationals and bird in hand

How to join a contest:
Pay the judges 100 bucks each.

Contest trophy and title: $300+

The the glory of being a champion even though you didn’t deserve it: priceless

great responses ;D but more specifically does anyone have directions for cal state yoyo contest and info and if you do please pm me.

do you have to have spare yoyos? and if yes, can they be different?

you mean you have an actual yoyo shop ?

here we don’t even have an online one in the whole country

Unfortunately, Cal State is in Sacramento which is hours away (maybe 4-6 hours from the edge of So Cal) and only happens once per year. So Cal has a better yo-yo scene believe it or not. Redondo Pier, BLC (combined with DXL).

Nor Cal has Roseville, and Sacramento as the main yo-yo scene so far. Be glad you’re in So Cal.

Your spares can be any yoyos you want. you could go on stage with an 888, then have a popstar and a big yo as spares if you wanted. lol
you don’t have to have spares, but I think most people would recommend you do in case you get a knot mid free-style. or for 4a purposes, in case you lose your yoyo.

@hadoq Yeah, we have 2 shops, one in Chico, and one in Redondo Beach that both sell high end yoyos.
You don’t have any shops at all in france? Bummer :confused:

nah, everything’s left to build here

when you have something in Japan or US, usually it takes between 5 to 10 actual years to get in France.
we’re definitely followers, not cultural leaders.

so usually I dig some stuff, most people here make fun of me, then 5 to 10 years later, the same people dig the stuff that they made fun of years earlier.

happens all the time, right now, people are starting to put colored wheels on their cars, been doing this like in 2002 and the EXACT same people who laughed at me back then are painting their rims today.

same goes for yoyoing

france is a country of followers, once something is successful in like 10 other countries, they decide to import it. but they never take the risk to actually create or innovate.

talk about a sad country