Redondo Beach and other SoCal area contests?


Anyone have any idea when the Redondo beach contest is?

And on that note, are there any other southern California area contests that I should look forward to?


Redondo beach contest is at the redondo beach pier. It is sponsored by the sunshine kite company which sells yoyos along with kites. Other Southern California contests include dxl battle, SoCal, and blc.


@Juliang22 how could I get in a yoyo club like dlx


…get in?
you just show up. The meet ups are usually every other saturday.

@jeremy, not sure when the redondo beach contest is. I believe it’s some time this summer though. Yoshi would probably know, or try calling sunshine kite co.

edit: …just realized these are all necros. I was wondering why there were suddenly so many threads about socal


Saw this thread and I’m like “oh hey, I made a thread like it last year.” Was pleasantly surprised to find that my thread was necro’d.

I ended up finding information about BLC 2012 and attended that last year. Might be able to catch redondo beach if it really is this summer. I’ll ask around.

might attend a DXL meeting or two this summer.


Sorry to say, but, Redondo beach was in March. I think, I just know I went.


Yeah I went too, but the DXL meets happen regularly every other Saturday, I would tell you the location but they are in the process of changing it due to them being kicked out of there last one.