California contest after March

so i know there was CA states and this next weekend is Redondo, but i have to miss them. but what other (Los Angeles) yoyo contests are near by and comming up?

idk think there is any
there is blc in august though

And I’m not sure if it will happen or not, but there is also DXL

i might go to nats, but where are DXL and BLC, and when

dxl happens somewhere around june
and blc is somewhere around august
blc is in west hollywood
and dxl is in
The Lab
2930 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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There will also be a yoyo meet up in Riverside soon.

ok can i have more information on the riverside meet. and also BLC is perfect because i live about a mile and a half from hollywood. going to that.

There isn’t too much info for the meet yet. It should be at Ernie’s house, but details aren’t settled right now.

Nice! I plan on doing my best to make it to the Riverside meetup.

lol i wonder if Ernie will sell any hatricks… need to find $100 dollars fast before… wait, do you know when this will happen?

All I know is, it should be soon. But you’d have to ask him for exact dates.

when and where is the BLC

It is usually in July or August in West Hollywood.

Also, update on the Riverside meet - I heard Ernie is hoping for it to happen sometime in May.