redondo beach yoyo club


this saturday im headed to redondo beach yoyo club for the first time.who’s going?well i’ll see you there. ;D


Hate to break it to you, but the Redondo Beach yoyo club has been inactive for years. However, there is a yoyo club in Artesia on Saturday if you’re interested.

The DXL crew is meeting at 2PM:
11688 South Street
Artesia, CA 90701

There will be plenty of yoyoers there to hang out with.

  • Ryan

(major_seventh) #3

I go to the DXL’s a lot too. Might not be able to make it to this one, but they’re always super fun.


noooooooooooooooo what happened to Grant Johnson, Yoshi, and everyone who used to hang out at Sunshine Kites?


What didn’t know that they have been inactive but il see if I go to dxl club?


You’ll still find Yoshi working at the kite shop, but most of the yoyoing activity is at DXL.