If you could experience any regional community...

Which would it be?

I find one of the most fascinating things about the yoyo world is just how diverse and different each community varies from another based on region.

The scene in Northern California greatly differs from the scene in Southern California.
Further, the scene in the US varies much from the scene in Singapore by a HUGE degree.

The way meetings are run, contest, even the way people go about yoyoing can differ quite a bit from place to place.

So my question to all of you:
If you could go to any place in the world to experience their “yoyo culture” for a month, and money was no issue, where would you go?



Chico! It’s like the yoyoing capital of the US!

Oh, and if I get to be there for a month, can that month October? LOL. Nationals would be a lot of fun…Gentry’s going to win it!

For myself, I would love to spend some time in the scene in Hong Kong.

The yoyoing over there is advancing in leaps and bounds, and from what I have seen, their community is very close, and has a very professional feel to it, more so than here in the US.

From interactions I have had online, I feel the community there is also very welcoming in general, and this is something very important to me.

Another community I would love to experience is the community in Vietnam.
The reason being that I feel that this countries yoyo scene is growing fast, and at the start of a possible revolution. Seeing the passion their players have in a relatively small community (though steadily growing), its exciting to see, and I would love to be within the scene as it grows and changes.
Also of course, everyone I have met online from the country is incredibly positive and nice. Which I like :slight_smile:


I would have to say primarily I would love to go to Japan, but the preference is only slight. I have yet to meet any other yoyoers in person yet so I guess all of them!

I would say SoCal… I wish the Midwest would tighten up a bit (granted, it is big). It’s so spread out, it can be rather difficult to find people nearby.

I’ve been all over the country and experienced the “touring concert scene”. It’s full of stinky loading docks, incompetent union workers, bone-heads trying to get their guaranteed paychck and screw-job promoters that need to be shot. The places change, the accents may change, the colors may change, but it’s all the same thing. It’s not quite a culture, it’s more like a fungus.

I’ve done a lot of traveling. I’ve done enough to say I’d really rather not travel very much. Living out of a suitcase and not really knowing or caring where you are kinda sucks. My concerns change to “Do I get a shower today? Is craft services gonna suck? Will I be able to use the restroom and not be disturbed? Will I be sleeping in the tour bus or do we get a hotel bed for the night? Am I gonna be able to get to a fresh towel?”

I also don’t really enjoy flying. The concept of not being able to control stuff and the possibility of mechanical failure and pilot error causing a shortened existence are things that I don’t like having to deal with.

I don’t have the time to spend a month somewhere to experience the yoyo culture. I approach things from a technical point of view when I do events. However, you’ll point out CORRECTLY that doing CalStates and BAC are effectively the same region. 100 miles of distance is practically next door. Of what I do experience, it appears laid back, mostly relaxed and casual. If those elements are mostly the same everywhere, I don’t really see much to really need to take time to deal with.

I will say I worked hard to try to experience the Vietnamese yoyo culture. People reach out to touch base with me. They Facebook friend me. I try to use their forums but I can’t read Vietnamese, and their forums aren’t accommodating to those who don’t speak Vietnamese. I completely agree with the mindset because the sites and forums are run by Vietnamese for Vietnamese. However, as I’ve come to first hand experience time and time again, when it comes to “go time”, things change. As I’m about to hit the airplane for 18 hours of fly time from SFO to Saigon, I’m shut out and shut down by the yoyo people who wanted so bad to meet up with me. I had to rile them up on the forum here by directly addressing things in the area. On top of that, the scene is apparently underground. The only time I ran into another thrower was when I managed to find my way to a small yoyo shop in Saigon, as I was denied getting to the bigger shop in Saigon, but I’m not going to go into that load of crap story. While I spent a week in Saigon, I was interested in NOT being stuck somewhere not speaking the language and having too much of my movement restricted. The yoyos I brought and bought are what got me through that trip. I would have enjoyed meeting some more people and shared the experience with them.

My wife wants to travel. She’s scheduling us to go to Japan in a couple of years. Tokyo Disneyland, here I come, which will part of the trip. I intend to try to connect with some yoyo players over there before the trip. I’m gonna need some other throw-buddies while I’m stuck in the area. I’m probably going to be going to Hong Kong for something other than a stop-over on the way to Vietnam. Like with Japan, the trip will tie into a few days at Hong Kong Disneyland. Since some of that time will NOT involve the Land of the Mouse, I’m gonna need someone to throw with. It’s not sufficient to bring my son as my only throwing partner. The more the merrier.

My eldest, a girl, has pretty much rejected skill toys. The two youngest, also girls, are too small but are at least trying kendama and diabolo. Yes, my 2 year old has a kendama and tries using my diabolo. My 4 year old can get the diabolo going but that’s about it, and the kendama is mostly neck decoration. My son, the 2nd born, IS into skill toys. 1A, 2A, 4A, 5A, kendama, pill, diabolo, has a spin top but can’t use it yet. Wants to juggle and can use my diabolo That kid is gonna be a monster.

I don’t think the culture itself is as important. I think the shared enjoyment of the skill toy is what is more critical.

Honestly I would stay right here in the northwest. I like it here.

Well I’ve already checked out the NoCal scene and it was pretty chill!

I’d most like to see the yoyo scene in Tokyo. Because… come on man it’s Japan!!
I’d also like to experience the community in Prague. Seems like a cool place with plenty of throwers (not necessarily the most innovative throwers, but definitely a high density).


the moon

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Mine would be like where EYYC because there is waaayyy more girl throwers there then here. That or Prague because come on there are some really cool yoyoers there. (I mean they have a sleep away Yoyo camp how does that not sound fun!?!?)

I would enjoy being in the Japanese yoyo community, mostly to see their opinion on western players. But also to learn more about players, contests, etc.

In all seriousness, Hawaii. Hawaii holds some of the greatest yoyoers in the world, including Yuuki.

How ironic I live in hawaii. I would like to be in Canada or Japan just to see the competitions there and meet new players outside of the U.S.

Like… anywhere… even if it’s just a five hour drive… anywhere.

But if I had a choice it’d be cool to go to worlds or something.

A couple places I also think would be cool:
Wherever Noonar is
Wherever Mr.Yoyoguy is
Wherever Abby is
Wherever Shadowz is
Wherever Lexos is
not even funny that I forgot to say:
Wherever sushi is

So yeah. More-so I’d like to meet these people than visit different yoyo places.

Let me grab Japan, especially those close to various yoyo clubs/classes such as the 800yoyoclass and clubs around the nation held in Japanese stores. I think that will be very beneficial to me especially because I grew up in a collective/group-oriented culture just like Japan is.

Heck, even hanging out in a recreation center with a few local yoyoers in Japan would be just as nice. I hear stories about my friend there and how they just practice for 4 hours or more.

If I could also add two more communities, I would choose Southern California and Singapore. Even though I live in SoCal, I can never get enough of the community here. Singapore because some of my recent influences in my play style is based off the Singaporeans.

Mad love to everybody.

Here wher mr yoyoguy is, in the yoyo free state of NC, i am one of about 11 throwers TOTAL, 4 in the area, he is VERY cool, but trust me, there is not a community o be experienced.

D keep an eye out for me and his soon to come collab video :wink:

i wish there was a yoyoing community in northern ca, up father then chico…

Either SoCal, Japan, Singapore, or HK. Maybe Korea too, they have good 4A players.

I’m staying right here in Socal where we get our DXL Meets, DXL Battles, BLC, and SoCAL yoyo contests. And the drive up to BAC, CalStates, and Nationals isn’t horrible! So… about 7 yoyo related things going on, I’d say it’s pretty good here.