Yo-yo Community size

Hello, I am a student doing a speech for my speech and debate team. I am looking for facts to include in my speech to represent our valued community.

How large is the yo-yo community? How many players roughly represent the yo-yo community.

What is the significance of our sport. why is it important, why do players do it besides the fact that its so fun, and amazing to watch.

Thank you for your time and help


I think the actual number is estimated around 5,000-6,000 enthusiasts/throwers worldwide.

Worldwide? I’d be surprised if it’s only 5-6K in the whole world! Certainly in the low tens of thousands (maybe no more than 20K), but it’s gotta be more than 5-6K, no?

Totally just blowing hot air into this thread… don’t use anything I say as anything close to being legit info. :wink:

Well, I dont know. I guess it’s probably more than 5,000, but still probably only a little more than about 10,000.

Are we talking about serious division throwing? (1A, 2A, etc…)

Millions and millions of people own, or have owned, a yoyo.

I think if you’re asking about active yoyoers of our kind, it would probably be best to ask yoyo forums how many people are registered/active. Perhaps averaging them and taking a number off for quitters would be appropriate?

Why do I yoyo?

I yoyo because it helps me relax, when I throw a yoyo I throw my thoughts away. I do it because I like the idea of pursuing an art (this one happens to be yoyoing) to a degree of mastery, not that am anywhere near it but I think it is a good thing to strive for (that goes for everything in life). I play to better my tricks and therefore better myself.

I play because it’s fun.

YYN had (has?) over 30k registered users. Granted, many of those were probably repeats, but there is also a very large part of the yoyo community with no real online presence. This number doesn’t include the MASSIVE amount of players in non-english speaking countries like Japan!

I’d pin the number somewhere around 100k. Largely depends on how you define “yoyo enthusiast”, though.

This forum alone has a total of 12.508 users. Also with a 15.6 user increase a day. Just have to find out how many are inactive and quit, and we can find somewhat of an answer

But that is also just this forum…

Just browsing the members, you cna see hardly any have 1 post. Most last online was the day they made the account.

Yeah it is crazy. Just taking 5% of the total members of this forum being still active on the day to day basis is still almost 700 people! Having numerous stores in numerous countries, it would be almost impossible to find the total number of throwers. My guess would be somewhere around 100k. Just by taking that number alone, we are .0014 % of the total population in existence. It makes me think there can be more than 100k throwers…

Not every Active Yoyoer is logged somewhere like a forum so there is no possible way to get a # so you’ll have to estimate

Far less. There are only a couple dozen in most states.

Useless tidbit #1: the “yoyo community” does not consist only of yoyo forum members.
Useless tidbit #2: there is no “community”. People who yoyo are as diverse as the population itself.

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Probably around 30 thousand, based on some youtube videos.

I yoyo cause it calms me down, Its a sport because we compete. Its fun to collect and its fun to have unlimited possibilities.

It also i something that keeps me away from Video Games.

Well Matt I must admit I agree with Jhb8426 about the yoyoing community. Others have commented and shared their thoughts and numbers and such, so I’ll just share my opinions on the other parts of your inquiry.

The significance of the sport:

  1. It’s a personal thing. Everyone yoyos for their own reason and with their own goals.
  2. Every yoyoer has their own style. Even though some of the tricks might be the same, each person leaves their own fingerprint, so to speak.
  3. It can be as creative as watching a dancer or painter. It is creation from the soul, it is expression, it can be an emotional release.
  4. It has a feel to it, a special feel, totally at the players command, a feel of freedom, sometimes euphoria. (And the occasional “smack” of a yoyo on skin)
  5. It can be incredibly frustrating but there is that moment at the end that is incredibly rewarding!
  6. Some do it for the competition! The competition can be intense.
  7. Others do it because…Nothing looks cooler than a yoyoer…Yoyoers are people magnets!
  8. Young people can really throw it down. Consider the ages of the players on many videos and look at what they can do, fantastic. They are incredible! This really is an activity that brings people of ALL ages together. It’s so cool!
  9. It has historical significance.
  10. Joy, it simply brings joy to those who do it and those who see it. ;D

Well there’s my opinion, agree, disagree, doesn’t matter, it’s mine.

Our extensive research points to about eleventy gabillion active throwers. The total sales of yoyos each year is probably only about $400 million.

Wow! That’s such a precise number!

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I’m still confused about the term “yo-yo community.” I’ve heard it thrown around a lot. I’ve used it when talking about everyone that yo-yos, and just us on the forum. I know people are diverse, but I just thought “community” was what we were calling us.

If jhb8426 says there is no community, I believe it. I’ll have to find new words to better describe what I’m talking about.