US Yoyo Shops (not online)

Morning everyone!

I’m visiting the US for the first time, Coast-to-coestin’ with my girlfriend.
I think I’m the only yoer at my country (which is far-far-away) therefore I always need to order yo’s online…
So the question is - are there any places in the US I can actually get a good yo?
I’m not a beginner, I own NM2, FH (original), FH0, Hitman… etc…
I’m now at Cleveland and gonna be in Chicago, Colorado, Las Vegas, San Francisco and LA.
Thanks in advance!

I know nothing about how california is laid out, but if you’re close a to a city called chico there is not only a yoyo store, but a yoyo museum. Definitely worth driving to.

^ bird in hand is what its called.

Chico is a long drive from San Francisco. I could be wrong, but I think it’s about 4 or 5 hours north of S.F.

4-5 hours?

No. I can get to Chico in less than 2 hours from Elk Grove, which is a bit south of Sacramento. I haven’t gone from SF direct to Chico, but SF is like 95-100 minutes from where I live. I can’t see it being more than 3.5 hours at most, but yeah, that’s one heck of a drive for me too. I don’t enjoy long distance driving. I’m surprised there isn’t something decent in SF. Sacramento is pretty much a yoyo wasteland as far as stores and retailers.

Another idea is to have something shipped to your location. This only works if you’re going to be around long enough and there’s no problems.

Speaking of yoyo shops, anyone know of any places to buy mid to high end yoyos in/around Boise, Idaho?

I’m from Minnesota and the midwest region. Most malls and shopping centers around here have a store called Air Traffic in them which will usually sell a pretty vast majority of yoyos and diablo etc… they also sell a lot of other hobbylike things (kites, juggling pins, etc…)

Redondo beach (close to LA) Has a small yoyo shop… plus its a beach

I think we need to qualify that a bit.
They have stores in 6 locations in MN: Mall of America, Burnsville, Eden Prairie, Ridgedale, Rosedale and Rochester.

That’s a far cry from “most”. :wink:

If you’re in Denver when you’re in Colorado there is a hobby/costume/toy store called “The Wizard’s Chest.” They have a fair amount of Yoyojam and Yoyofactory throws. They’re fairly cool as well, I threw a Phenom around for quite a while to see if I wanted to buy one…they let you play with them all. When I was there last week they had about 10 Speeder 2’s. For a retail store they try hard.

As mentioned earlier, the Sunshine Kite Company on the Redondo Beach pier, which is just south of LA, also lets you try them out and is nice. Also mostly has YYF and YYJ. It’s a tiny little shop but it’s very cute.

I’ll see if that place in Redondo Beach can be worked into my plans. My family and I hit Disneyland in November usually, so might swing out and check that out.

Even if it’s mainly YYJ and YYF, that’s no big deal to me. I’d still try to check out something and possibly buy a new throw.