find a store


does anyone now where i could find a place that sells yoyos? I live near Orlando Florida.


If I were you I would just buy online like at the online shop here at yo-yo expert.


The closest store that sells yo-yos to you would be in Tallahassee, Florida.

It is called Lofty Pursuits:


I have this same problem. No one in minnesota sells eept this tiny store called airtraffic.

(Jeromy K.) #5

Know of any in north Idaho or eastern Washington???

(Connor) #6

What about Western North Carolina?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh! Try being here in South Bend, Indiana.

Not a chance. But I feel for you folks. :wink:


I live close to the yoyo museum in Chico, but I don’t live in Chico.

Happy Throwing! =]


I live in Australia… anyone know a good yo-yo shop?

(JonasK) #10

you can try out: And just to mention it. Although people on this forum knows a lot, google still knows more. So if you are looking for a store, just google (country) yoyo store.

(Mark) #11

hahaha. How about in Corning New York?


If only there was a place like loft puruits neer me. They got yoyos and disc golf :o