Yo-yo Store!!

I found a new yo-yo store near me! YES! I’m so happy, even though I’ve never actually been there yet…my friend said they let you try the throws out and and it’s so close! WOO! I don’t really care if you reply to this or not, because…there’s not really anything to reply to…I’m just happy! ;D ;D ;D

Maybe this could go http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,1756.1680.html?

What store is it?

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Cool you are so lucky there are no yoyo store’s in tn. :(. Not that I knoof

Miami…Ugh. It’s so dead here, it’s not even funny. I hope theres a yoyo shop that will open here soon.

I recently learned about a store about 45 mins away from me that sells yoyos i have yet to check it out but hopefully it will be worth it

AirTraffic! I knew there was on near me, but I didn’t realize the gigantic selection it has!

Hacienda is dead and diamond bar is rising up.

I’m with ya… :frowning:
I’m pretty sure there are NO stores within even 2 hours of my house! ;D

snap! unless there one in london :confused: don’t think there is unless a big toy store has a section xD

I laugh at your puny number.

Have one or two near me. Yoyojoes and another one in west chester.

Nothing at all in MD… Unless you count the selection of Duncans at Toys R Us :’(. Actually I was kind of surprised at how many they actually carried (Imperial and Butterfly of course, and Freehand and Speed Beetle, among a few other cheapies). Maybe that’s the start of a good trend in my area… Keeping my fingers crossed!