Yo-yo Store!!

(Nova) #1

I found a new yo-yo store near me! YES! I’m so happy, even though I’ve never actually been there yet…my friend said they let you try the throws out and and it’s so close! WOO! I don’t really care if you reply to this or not, because…there’s not really anything to reply to…I’m just happy! ;D ;D ;D


Maybe this could go http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,1756.1680.html?


What store is it?

(marcusWsteadman) #4

Cool you are so lucky there are no yoyo store’s in tn. :(. Not that I knoof

(Weasel) #5

Miami…Ugh. It’s so dead here, it’s not even funny. I hope theres a yoyo shop that will open here soon.


I recently learned about a store about 45 mins away from me that sells yoyos i have yet to check it out but hopefully it will be worth it

(Nova) #7

AirTraffic! I knew there was on near me, but I didn’t realize the gigantic selection it has!

(Zer0) #8

Hacienda is dead and diamond bar is rising up.


I’m with ya… :frowning:
I’m pretty sure there are NO stores within even 2 hours of my house! ;D


snap! unless there one in london :confused: don’t think there is unless a big toy store has a section xD

(JonasK) #11

I laugh at your puny number.

(Mikey) #12

Have one or two near me. Yoyojoes and another one in west chester.


Nothing at all in MD… Unless you count the selection of Duncans at Toys R Us :’(. Actually I was kind of surprised at how many they actually carried (Imperial and Butterfly of course, and Freehand and Speed Beetle, among a few other cheapies). Maybe that’s the start of a good trend in my area… Keeping my fingers crossed!