Where to buy yoyos locally USA retail outlets (real store) only


Other than duncans and yomegas you wont find much. Sure wish we had a slusny here in the states. Or something of that nature. A dedicated yoyo store would be awesome.


I was in the Meijer in Grand Rapids, MI and was told they only stock them in the summer because it is a seasonal toy. ?!?!?!


Gwilikers toy store in Portsmouth NH,
carry’s the newer yomega.


3 Trolls Games and Puzzles
7 Summer Street
Chelmsford MA

They are very nice and sell YoyoJam.


Where Is A Yo-Yo Store In Dallas TX


Samurai comics in phoenix AZ stocks YYF’s


if you live in colorado or utah try yoyoloco, there really nice and have quite a few yoyos,


Cat & Mouse Game Store
2212 W. Armitage
Chicago, IL 60647


Mon.  closed
    Tues.  10am-10pm
    Wed-Sat.  10am-7pm
    Sun.  11am-5pm

They carry YYF, YYJ, SPYY, Yomega and Duncan. I’m not sure if they carry others those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head.
Super nice staff and they still recognize me when I come in even though I’m sure they get a lot of traffic being in Chicago.



Utah Buyers may consider Hammond Toys at Valley Fair Mall (I don’t have an address) They have FH2s and Pro Z’s or Hobby Town USA (Off of 5th street in Bountiful.) I got a Stainless steel Yoyo there. They have a good Yomega Selection, and their inventory changes often enough to make them generally very interesting. They also have a few new YYF that were just added. Yomega Dashes and Mavericks are also here.


I dont rember what it’s called, but, there is a kite/surf/toy shop in grand haven Michigan that stocks yomega, yyf and i think duncan also…anyway they carry the whip, the grind michine, i think that they have an 888x or two, oochyo, the raider(?) and a few more that i didnt pay attention too. it a cool place and its where i got my firs string trick yoyo the yyf grind michine!they’re relly nice and let you know weather you are buying a unresponsive yoyo or not.( for the unaware)

oh, and toys-r-us carrys duncan and yomega in Michigan in general.possibly yyf also…not sure


Northwind Kites in Alaska has been out of business for almost a year.


I took a trip to LA, Universal Studios. Since I dont like rides, I took a taxi cab to Golden Apple Comics, where the nice cashier girl informed me that they no longer sell yoyos. Instead she told me to go to Puzzle Zoo, where the cashier told me that she had orders coming innand was really low on yoyos. she must sell a lot of yoyos cuase she had a wall full of YYF and Duncan, half of it was empty though, because she had an order coming in. So just a heads up, there are no yoyos in Golden Apple Comics, but Puzzle Zoo is six blocks down from Golden Apple Comics.


richmond va world of mirth they have onestars,dv888,888x,velocity,one,raiders,fireballs,dash,maverick,yomods,hyper warp heavy wing

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Everyone come to Confetti Antiques in Utah!! We now have YYF!


Games of Berkeley in Berkeley, CA. They have some Duncans, Yomegas, and Yoyofactory’s. They have some of the higher-end Duncans, and for YYF they have GM’s, Protostars, and 888x’s.


Well its not exactly in the USA but just a little ways across the border exists the Okanagan valley and a town called Penticton. If anyone is vacationing over this area its well worth the visit. A former Canadian national champ runs the place and I even have a job there! 277 Main St Penticton, BC V2A 5B1
(250) 770-1477 is where its at. There is a pretty great selection of yoyofactory as well as some yoyojam and duncan.


For the record, there is no longer any places to buy yoyos in Alaska. Northwind shut down. Only common stores like toys r us now.


There is a store in ocean city new jersey. It’s called air circus.


Add nc and say buudhas belly


the marbles brain store in schaumburg illinois’ woodfield mall

they sell velocities, plastic grind machines, and kendama usa tributes as of today