Where to buy yoyos locally USA retail outlets (real store) only


Any one know of any retail stores in the West Virginia/Ohio are?


Does anyone know if yoyo connection is still in business? I’m really close to orange, ca.


Ya, us Minnesotans are lucky to have air traffic.


There is a Yoyo Loco store in Colorado springs/Manitou springs that has a good selection. It is inside a store called Plinkety Plink.

744 Manitou Avenue
Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829

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Not gonna read through 6 pages of this thread haha but if you’re in Oregon there’s always the OneDrop shop


This may be old news, but…

Got a couple of these near my home. Went to one of them - they had Freehands, Dashes, couple of Raiders, the Mosquito combo with…some other throw :P. Better than nothing - picked up a Freehand and a Raider.

Decided to go to the other Hobbytown USA, pretty close to my work. Really surprised all they had in stock:

YYF: One Star, Fast 201, Whip, Grind Machine, Protostar, One, Velocity.

Yomega Crossfire

Duncan Ooch

Behind the counter they had a bunch of DV888s - one of 'em was around $90, but one of the regulars was on my list, so I picked one up.

There’s a big hobby shop nearby that sells mostly RC cars and planes. They used to stock Team Losi yoyos, but don’t carry any throws anymore.

Went to Walmart and Target - nothing. Toys R Us seems to keep the same things in stock at their stores.


You paid $90 for a DV888?! That’s a huge rip off… You could’ve ordered one for $45 plus shipping from here.

Edit: I may have misread. Did you pay $90 for a DV888?


i believe some sort of SE was 90, but he picked up a regular for 50 or so since it is at a brick and mortar store.


Ah, that makes sense. But still, $90 for a SE DV888 is still a rip, even if they are a brick and mortar store. I’ve never seen a SE DV888 (the new, China made version, not the old one that was $65) go for over $60 from a store.


My Hobbytown only has Fireballs and HyperWarp Heavy Wings…


i dont have a hobby store, but some stores by me that sell some duncans,yyf, and yomegas


Heh, no, I didn’t pay $90 - there was only one of those and I wasn’t interested in paying that much for it. It came in a box about 2ce the size of the standards. Got a regular one in matte black. Love it!

Just surprised at the wide variety of what the same chain carries only, especially when they are only a few miles apart. Then again, I don’t know how retail works! ;D


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Shops that you can go inside, if so where are they?
I’m an Arizonan and just wondering if there’s a shop I can go to for physical grabbing a Yoyo and playing.


YoYoFactory is in AZ. See if you can go tour.

Bird in Hand is in Chico, CA.

Dave Bazan’s shop is in Idaho…


Yah, yyf is.
Your mot very close to Chico to come to bird in hand lol, but when you cine to nationals you can come after.


I believe you can go into any store.

(vague titles call for vague responses)


Maybe find a Hobbytown USA or Toys R Us.


Game Daze in the Paradise Valley mall in Phoenix, YoyoFactory is in chandler, allyoyo.com has classes you can go to and buy yoyos, you can get some at Samurai Comics in Phoenix, I think you can get some at Game Daze in Tucson, and theres also a yoyofactory club


Second the suggestion for Toys R Us and Hobbytown USA.

Look for local “mom and pop” hobby shops.

Yoyos at retail locations?

Into The Wind
1408 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302 | Order Line: 800-541-0314

  • This has been the best place (kite store) I had ever been in Colorado. I bought my Cold Fusion and Apollo there about 14 years ago. They’ve got local hand-carved single piece yoyo’s for the non-bearing collectors like myself.

Los Angeles, California Westfield Fassion Square Mall
14006 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks, CA
Karen’s Toys - Duncan Pulse, Reflex “Specialty” yoyo’s etc…
Marbles The Brain - YYF Velocity

  • There are some beginner/mid-range yoyo’s in this mall. Marbles is a game store and might have changing/more interesting stock.