Where to buy yoyos locally USA retail outlets (real store) only


YOYOJOES - officially out of business. :frowning:


In Chicago the place is called cat and mouse games. I stopped in just to see what throws they had. Ended up buying a summit, but yes the lady that was there let me try any one I wanted even the protostar that was in the package still.


The Golden Grotto in Jonesboro Arkansas

Freehand Zeros
Throw Monkeys
All duncan plastics


Where sell yoyos in santa cruz? I’m mexican


i wish they had oxygene stores, that would be cool, or high end yoyo specific shops that buy and sell


I just saw a store today in Japantown, San Francisco that was selling a few yo-yos.

They had the YYF Loop 900, the Yomega Ooch, Duncan Hayabusa, and they might have had one more that I don’t remember.

The store is called “Japantown Collectibles”.


I had a couple of updates on my Utah stores.


i got pretty lucky. world’s largest skill game store right here!!! :smiley: YOYOSAM’S! fairview, PA (northeast area)


Anyone know os store that sell decent yoyos around Irvine or Laguna Woods to Los Angeles, CA. The store listed on page 1 on Orange, CA is no longer around.


Being pretty picky but northern sky toys in maine no longer exists.
Dick’s sporting goods if it has not been said has some decent yyf stuff.


there is one in washington DC, they carry Yomega (I got mine Ooch at that store.)

Sullivan’s Toy & Art Supplies
4200 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016


The Toy Store in Lawrence, KS (and in Topeka, KS, too) carries YoyoFactory (FAST 201, ONE, Replay, ProtoStar, and others) and Duncan (Hayubasa, Freehand, Vintage Wood Fixed Axle, and others), as well as Sweets Kendamas and loads of other fun stuff.
They’ve also got a weekly Skill Toy workshop at the Lawrence, KS location that’s worth checking out. Give 'em a call to ask about times, dates, etc.

Oh, also, there’s a super rad skill toy shop in Shawnee, KS called GO BIG! Skill Toys that is most definitely worth making a 3+ hour drive to! They’ve easily got the biggest selection in the area and they also have tons of weekly workshops and also monthly contests.

Get out there and support your local yo-yo community!


Hello! Can I update Oklahoma with two more spots I have discovered? The Toys R Us just of i-35 in Norman has yoyo’s now. I found they have Duncans, Yomegas, and some brand called pocket pros. They have some metals like the Metal drifter and the Maverick. The Hobby Town USA on Main St. in Norman by Hastings also has Yoyo’s. Mostly Duncan and Yomega plastics.


i bought at
Wasington State
Everett, WA - Big 5 on Everett Mall Way.
Older Duncan line, speed beetle, and fh2.
Various Yomega’s.
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Please add our shop to Missouri’s list

900 E Battlefield Ave
Springfield MO 65807

Some Duncan, alot of Yomega and a crap ton YYF at the moment.


They don’t have much (mostly yomega 2a stuff, yoyojam plastic, and couple others), but it’s still something! :slight_smile:
2204 Kimball Ave.
Waterloo, IA

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