Do any brands like yoyo factory or yoyo jam have retail stores?

No, but you can find them in some stores, such as toy & game stores or sometimes hobby stores. There’s a topic in BST on this.

Where to buy yoyos locally USA retail outlets

There is a clothing store called Illest that carries custom yoyofactory Avant Garde 2.

If you’re impatient, there are some brick and mortar stores that carry yoyos.

TRU carries some low cost YYF models now, namely the Velocity.

YYE still has the best YYF selection.

It depends where you live, but most brick and mortar stores will only sell the cheaper duncan throws, yomega, and maybe some yyf.
I know of 2 stores in California, one in Redondo Beach called the sunshine kite company which sells mostly yyj and yyf, and bird in hand in Chico, which I’ve never been to. Your best bet for buying yoyos in person is going to contests where sponsors generally have booths.

2 more California locations:

Learning Express in Roseville has 2 locations in Roseville. They sell Duncan, Yomega, YYF, YYJ, Chico YoYoCompany and some other stuff.

Windy City Kite Store in Old Town Sacramento carries Duncan, Yomega, YYF, YYJ, Crucial, Madhouse and a few others.

It’s hard to find brick and mortar stores with great selections. It’s too risky for them. They buy small lots because of that.

YYE has the advantage of focusing on yoyos. It brings people in and helps center their focus.

There are some learning expresses in my area that sell Duncans, yomega’s, dv888, velocity, one, whip, and protostars

Has anyone heard of cat n mouse game store in Chicago?