where are the yoyo stores?


i dont mean stores where you can buy throws, well i kinda do…i meant like THE yoyofactory store, and the YYE store and stuff, cuz i was watching a vid and this guy was yoyoing IN the yyf store,i wanna go there!!!


There is no YYF store. They do have a warehouse in Arizona though. And OneDrop is in Oregon. Those at the only 2 places I think you can go visit though. From what I’ve seen you just have to call and ask to come and usually you can

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manufacturers almost never had brick and mortar stores. there’s no reason for them to. they sell to the internet stores.


I know it was like this with YYE’s old warehouse too


Actually you can buy directly from yoyofactory on their website here
And they have cool stuff like a red one star with clear caps and the center track x.