2 years back and shocked


Recently, despite losing my favorite yoyo (the M1 ) causing me to stop yoyoing for about 2 years, I decided to log into my old Yoyo Nation account and see what was happening in the yoyo world. I was surprised to see " yoyo nation closed" as a search suggestion on Google and I was even more surprised when I found that the Yoyo Nation site was down. I did some research on it and heard that some guy managed to steal 10,000$ of stock from Yoyo Nation and I’m assuming they went out of bussiness or something. Can somebody fill me in on the other details, I’m sooo lost. What happened to the guy that stole the stock, how did he manage to steal it, is YYN ever coming back?


My guess is the store is gone for good. Pat found other interests and left the country. Chris Allen/yoyoskills was working to incorporate the forum into his website, but he’s put his website work on hold for now. The story details floating around on the web are mostly speculation. Maybe somebody w/the straight facts can send you a PM. Basically it’s yesterday’s news and most people have moved on.


Actually, I think the one statement convicter made, is absolutely Amazing!

“Recently despite losing my favorite yoyo(M1) causing me to stop yoyoing for about 2 years”.

^^^^ That makes absolutely No sense, at all?

I would think that if you were that sensitive, finding out YYN was ‘done’ would make you quit for another 2 years, lol.

Seriously, quitting for 2 years because you lost a yoyo? Kinda Drastic, ya think?

I mean, Welcome back, but please don’t lose any more yoyos…

PS, convicter, I am more shocked by what You said, than by what you read.


You see during that time I was slowly stopping anyways because everyone I knew who yoyoed faded away and specially one of my best friends got cancer and after that we didn’t see each other as frequently. We were really competitive and after I lost the drive to be better than him (we were pretty much equal), I started to stop. Once I lost my M1 I just stopped, I was playing with it and it fell off the string and went under my bed… I couldn’t find it ever since lol


I’ve lost things under my bed very mysteriously…
Anyway, welcome back! YYN is a strange subject, lots of rumors in the air about the forums coming back on other websites. I was never around for YYN so I am not involved as much in this conversation, but it is a fascinating story.


YYN was the main site I used, I lost all my trading stats, and connections with people I’ve traded with ( I planned on trying to get some old yoyo with sentimental value back).


I just wanted to say that your signature is no longer true. Duncan makes great yoyos like the Strix and Barracuda.


I never posted on Yoyonation when it was around. I only signed up for an account to check other people’s trade feedback, if they claimed to have some there. I never had any interest in their store or forum.

The thing that “shocked” me most, has been that no one in control of that site has considered it worth the effort to preserve the information on the forum and make it accessible. It just seems to require very little effort and expense, especially when moderators were already in place.

I don’t get it, but I haven’t missed anything about it, so that’s good for me. I feel bad for those of you who may have contributed to all of the information no longer available. I don’t see this site ever having an ending like that one.

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spiritbomb (I believe that was his username) was the guy who stole the $10,000 worth of yoyos from YYN, and ironically enough, he tried to resell them on the YYN BST. This didnt fly as YYN saw that the yoyos he was selling were the exact yoyos that were stolen, and basically he got busted. After this, spiritbomb tried to say how it wasnt him etc. on here, but that is what all scammers do. That is the extent of my knowledge.


my signatures about 5 years old


But how did this guy steal the yoyo’s, did he walk into the store and grab them when no one was looking or hack the YYN website?


Over time


Yeah supposedly he stole a few at a time not to make it too obvious.

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There was a store location in New York, he must have waltzed in and just stole them! Day after day!


from what i heard he worked there, it doesn’t surprise me considering it was in NYC most people in the city are jerks




This guy right here


So does any body else know anything else about Yyn?


you’ve got a big bed lol


I mean it must of rolled and went someewhere else, all I know is I can’t find it and I lost it last year


Haha, no kidding, or its just that dirty and full of junk and crop under it and that’s why you never found it lol.