That “other” yoyo site…

Some one told me that ” nonoyation” a site I was once a member of… was going under…? Is this true…? Heard they got robbed blind by kids…funny I quit there cause I was getting robbed by kids in the BST …

i read that somewhere also…but you never know what can happen in companys til it happens.

I think it might just be a recuperation period.

Seems to me like it’s on its last breaths.

sad still…some great guys there… weber was always good to me…sweet kid…

I think the forum will survive. The store… not so well.

that’s a shame. I never really bought from there, but still sucks to see a good store go under.
some kids stole I think it was $10,000 worth of yoyos. Then they were dumb enough to sell the stolen yoyos on the forum’s b/s/t. They got caught, and yyn got some of their stock back, but I think they still got hit pretty hard by it.

I thought the theft issue was a long time ago. Or has it happened again?

I don’t see how the forum can go on w/o the store. Somebody’s got to pay the bills.

Yeah, I do feel bad that the store will have to close down. They were hit hard by those stealing kids. They are slowing down, due to the fact that their shop layout is not attractive, and they have no stock. YYE get’s all the new players. It’s awesome

Used to go to YYN exclusively. I hate to say it, but it’s dead now. Discussions here are much more beginner friendly and a steady stream of new people keeps things interesting. Also I like having more than 20 people view my newest video after it’s been up for a whole week.

It’s just how things happen, I guess. I’m sure YYN was all the rage back in the day. Much like YYE is now. And I’m sure there was even something before YYN that was around. I like to imagine people like 4-5 years ago saying “I hate YYN. That’s where all the newbies go with all their stupid questions.”

Maybe a few years from now there will be something newer and better than YYE. We will all have to regretfully leave behind our 1k+ posts and 100+ trader feedback and start new. Hopefully life doesn’t hit me too hard and I’m still yoyoing then.

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I have to say I’m curious what happened over there as well. I drifted away from yoyo for about a year or so. When I left it was a thriving store and had just opened some other stores in different countries. Then I get back into yoyo and there’s nothing but tumble weeds over there.

I think YYE is where it’s at now. “That other store” had its run. But they don’t update their store so it looks like everything is out of stock. Also the forum seems to be growing less active.
I think the theft was indeed a thorn in their side but they did get some of the goods back and the theif was caught. I wonder if they have insurance…

Also, the forum layout is unattractive so I personally like it here on YYE because it’s easier to use.

“That other store” was doing really, really well in the past. But it’s outdated now which I think is what hurts them more than the theft.

Also, if their is no store, there can’t really be a forum.

If they remodeled, ran some contests like YYE does to attract users, updated their store, restocked, then maybe things can turn around. But it’s not happening

It seems they are making a last effort attempt with all these sales and real low prices.

They ran everyone off that forum with their mods… some of them are great dudes and a lot of fun…but the bad ones killed it…

I don’t see why a forum needs to have a store? I totally see the point about paying the bills, but at the same time, a lot of hosting can be done for as little as $5 a month, well, $60/year, that’s like zilch as far as “big picture is concerned”.

I mean, I can certainly see the community supporting a well done web site that’s meeting the needs of the community without needing a store to anchor it. Of course, we do understand most of the reason there are yoyo forums is because it’s meant as a vehicle to drive sales.

The only reason I went there was for the added exposure of the BST. I haven’t been there since October because I couldnt post all my pictures inside my BST due to error. Hard to trade stuff when they dont see it right away.

So say there are 1000 members, ask for $1 dollar donations and then have it pay for itself? That means say 10% of the members donate, it pays for nearly 2 years.

I think the new store on the west coast might fill the gap left by YYN. Its forums are dead right now but I see a prospect. Still, I doubt YYE will be challenged as far as a store or forum.

I’d hate to jump to any conclusions, but huge clearance sales, very little new stock and a mostly dead forum, I can’t help but think they’re winding down…

To top it off, they aren’t even accepting credit cards without having to call and do it by phone. I really feel bad for them. It was a great store, where all kinds of yoyos were available. Hopefully they will improve it. A lot of good people work there and depend on the store for their income. If it fails, well…

I don’t know. I support them, however with the establishment of a business one must understand how to thrive in a pool of other companies; it is hard. I don’t know too much about how to run a store, but I sure as heck know what I want in one.

Yeah, it’s sad. I used to get stuff exclusively from YYN, but now exclusively from here.
Also, let’s not forget that the Code 1 came into existence in YYN’s forums.