I miss the old days, sometimes

What is one of your very best yo-yo related memories however long or not long you’ve been throwing?

I remember that Contest like it was last week🤓


Battle tops at the 2008 or 2009 nationals was sweet definitely a different and fun experience. Not really Yoyos but close enough. I wish I still had some yoyo contest shirts but they just wear out so fast.


Worlds 2000 at Nickelodeon Studios. I remember being so excited and anxious just to have the chance to go to such a big yoyo event. I went to the old website a couple weeks ago and remember spending so much time reading every bit of info on there in the months and weeks leading up to the event.


I was just talking to Augie about how I remember seeing the Cold Fusion and SB 2 at the mall cart circa 98. It seemed so hysterically, awesomely strange and far fetched to actually buy an aircraft aluminum yoyo. Kinda miss The days when it felt that way, but that’s just a function of missing how it felt when it was all new and modern throwing was just finding itself.


I liked Extremespin a lot, but no matter. At least I can talk about yo-yos here without feeling like a we :upside_down_face:irdo


The memories that stick with me the most are my friend’s reactions when they don’t know modern yoyos are a thing and I show them a trick for the first time. :slight_smile:

There’s just something about seeing someone feel a mix of curiosity/excitement/nostalgia all at the same time.


Awesome topic Doc!

When I was a kid and growing up in a small town in South Africa yoyos were the craze. I guess it was sometime in the early 80s.

All I ever played with was the Coke yoyos like these:

Sometime during that craze Coke ran a competition and under the liner of each Coke bottle top there was a picture of a yoyo trick. There were about 15 different ones, shoot the moon, rock the baby, etc.

The competition was that if you sent in a complete set of all the liners you would get a free yoyo, but not just any yoyo, you would get an all black Coke yoyo called a breakdancer.

My father ran a hotel at that point, and the hotel had a bar. He told the barman to save every liner and within no time at all we were sending in completed sets to Coke regularly. My father kept a sleeve of Breakdancers in his bottom drawer and whenever we wanted a new one we just dipped into the supply.

I was the envy of every kid.

Sadly none of the Breakdancers survived except in this little piece of nostalgia.


2008 MWR BBQ at Dazzling Dave Schulte’s. Stu showed up for the festivities.

2009 MWR BBQ at Dazzling Dave Schulte’s. Dave knocking quarters out of people’s ear.


I wish I could’ve lived through the old days, I’ve always loved history and yoyo history is no exception. I’d love to attend worlds 2003.


I’ve never seen nor heard of the coke liners! Awesome. Thanks for that.


Cal states 2003 at the cannery in SF. Coming across a yoyoer by the name of “Atomic Cow” who did custom paint jobs for yoyos. Ended up getting a custom SuperYo Renegade from him that was my favorite yoyo for a long time.


Hanging out with the monkeyfinger team at Utah states or when I met @edhaponik he gave me a hug and I was starstruck lol


I sold yoyos at a mall cart in '98, just for the Christmas season. I was the “Assistant Manager” since I was in my 20’s and everyone else besides the manager was in their teens. Julius even came out for a weekend to demo, which was pretty cool. Good times. Good memories of alt.sport.yo-yo and talking yoyos on IRC, back in the day.


remember, in 20 years, you can look back on 2020 and talk about “the old days” :thinking:


I’ve never been to any competitions or met any players. For me the best memory I have was watching my girlfriend’s son perform a trick he had been working on and the seeing the excitement of his success and pride. I think it was dizzy baby. That was my best yoyo memory.


Hajime 4a final at Last years WYYC!


Late fall 2018.

I’ve only met one yoyoer in my life. He worked at the front desk at the resort I work at. One of the girls at the desk saw me throwing (I was trying to not be seen) and she said “Brenden at the desk knows how to yoyo.” I spoke to him and gave him my yoyo (MYY M001 April) and he said he hasn’t practiced in months. He then amazed me doing a bunch of horizontal tricks and said “we should throw together sometime!” That made me nervous. I could get into split bottom mount, do Brain Twister, some rolls and barely bind, but I was embarassed to do these things in front of him because I’d need several tries to get things right and he seemed so awesome to me so I always said I was too busy to meet up with him to throw. A few weeks later after struggling with Barrell Rolls for a month I went up to him like a beaten dog with my head hanging low and a defeated grin and said “Barrell Rolls are really kicking my a— can you help me?” In 5 minutes he cleaned up my act and I was on my way! He moved away a week later. This is my best yoyo memory. I’m so ticked off for wasting all that time I could have spent with him and learned a lot.


I wont say I miss the old days because that would imply that I’m………not young. I do miss yesterday, because I can’t remember it because …

Never mind! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s so incredibly awesome that so many of you had the opportunity to participate in a person to person yoyo community.


Sounds kinda weird but in some ways I miss when every yoyo wasn’t a great yoyo


You’re not young. :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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