Has anyone every had a yoyo stolen from them?

A couple of weeks ago my friends yoyo was stolen ( a b-grade phenom) :o

post your experiences with stolen yoyo

A long time ago my Di-Base was stolen…

Or at least lost in a Gymnasium and never found. :frowning:

i feel your pain


Your friend does.

My first run 28 Stories Peak was stolen… real bummer.

My friend stole my YYF one right after i got my DV888 then gave it back 6 months later with a ciezed bearing and beat up incredibly badly. Then to make it worse my other friend took it after i sanded resiliconed and picked up a new bearing. Still don’t know who has it

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No, because yoyos have almost no value in the black market and thieves simply don’t touch any of my yoyos. Why would someone be stealing yoyos a majority can’t use when they could just steal other things to make a quick buck.

Do not hang out with them. Neither of them. Sounds like they are no good for you. Even if they are your only friends, you will make more… better ones, infact. I say chalk up the yoyo as a loss, and don’t worry about who has it or getting it back. If this sounds harsh it’s just because I’m being blunt and don’t have much time to write a correct response.

You would be surprised. There have been lots of yoyo theft over the years. I feel like every year at contests yoyo’s get stolen also, I don’t go to them, but I’ve read about it happening on forums.

I mean… YYN went down because their lack of inventory taking skills led a couple thieves to slowly stealing yoyos from them over the course of who knows how long.

I haven’t had anything stolen.

I also try to keep tight control over my stuff. I’ve had literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen, damaged, broken and taken from me.

I had one stolen my yomega maverick with the counter weight I made on it. Still haven’t seen it it disappeared and I don’t know who has it! :frowning: But on the other hand I have lost my yoyos and then found them all the time around my house!

my code 2, later found it on ebay and got it back.

I’m not surprised. I know what happened at YYN that eventually shut the company down. But I call that an exception 'cause those idiots stole at YYN and sold those same stolen stuff at their BST.
I’m talking about the bigger picture. Kinda like why thieves steal smartphones. For a larger ‘market’, not just a niche market.

There are probably those who throw that steal yoyos. Think about scammers. Unfortunately there’s always one out there who will want to take advantage of the rest. I was at a content recently and I left all my yoyos on the table, trusting some guys I met only a few minutes before. I felt fully confident in them that they would keep an eye out and nothing of mine was lost. Unfortunetly, I’m sure someone stole at least 1 yoyo while there.

I remember you telling me what happened. The thief probably saw how much fun you were having with it, so they stole it, and then probably later learned they could not get it to return anyway. Looks like you’ve been blessed with even more yo-yos now. :wink:

Not a yoyo but my cell phone was stolen from me this past Friday at work… Right off my desk… Was not a fun day… My Wrath was right next to it and the thief just took the phone…

In all the contests I have been to I haven’t had a yoyo stolen witch may come as a suprise to some of you. I have been to about 8 or 9 in the past year.

At allmost any contest there is some talk about stealing yoyos or that (towards the end) somone HAS stolen a yoyo. It does give a bad rep to contests in a small way.

Also people steal because they can, they don’t allways need a motive to steal or even a thought out plan for the item in question once they have it. They get a rush out of doing something forbidden and getting away with it.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones that hasn’t had a stolen experiance yet, even though I have left my yoyos under the care of others while I was performing on stage, nothing bad has happend. Well on correction, there was this young kid (early teens…very early) and he played my evil-yo and dented it without me knowing and just placed it back in the case and I didn’t find out till later, that did suck. That happend while I was with my yoyos though and he went to show a friend or something, whatever.

Dang, that stinks.

Maybe the wrath wasn’t stolen because it used to be mine. :wink:

I am sure that is exactly why Matt!!!

Why wouldn’t it be? :wink: