really makes me sad...

so you people in school, does your school have the problem that some people yoyo, and everyone gets a yoyo cause they think its “cool”
and you see yoyos being mistreated every day at school? y’know, the “fancy” ones, expensive ones (HAHA HAVE AN EXPENSIVE YOYO AND YOU DONT!)
and you feel sad case of the way they treat them?
just so you know.
so this kd who cant do anything on a yoyo at my school went and bought a pgm and a velocity just so he could say he had one.
he ended up throwing the PGM away, hubstacks and all.
and the velocity went out the window. literally.
all because “the bearing was getting MESSED up” (idiot talk for it was breaking in, he wasnt throwing it right, and the sili. was wearing down.
it just makes me sad.
ccause a lot of those yoyos were special editions and yoyos people like me and you could use

so ive seen at least 5 darkmagics get trashed, or broken on purpose, and at least 2 pgms, 2 G5’s and 1 888x



Nope. I don’t have that problem. The only reason that I wouldn’t like it would be people buying them just to say that they have them, though. It isn’t a crime to ding/damage your yoyos…

Haha thats pretty terrible. Yeah me and my mate both got into yoying a few months ago and got ourselves some pretty sweet yoyos. We go to a 6th form college, so we sort of have to share the school with all the little kids (ages 12-16).

They see us yoyoing around the school, and then buy themselves some little terrible yoyos and just learn how to do up and down and walk the dog and thats it. Its pretty funny.

yeah… cool kids

Wow. A total of over $400 dollars worth of yoyo wasted. As you mentioned, some were special editions, so it’s probably over $650 wasted. That’s enough for THREE Ti Walkers!!!
C’mon, I would NEVER spend money on a throw just to brag/trash it.
What terrible kids.

Some stuff happened at my school like that too; someone brought a Velocity just to throw it at me and my CLYW Gnarwhal. I was hoping to salvage a bearing or even the whole yoyo, but he missed and it hit the wall. It was destroyed. I felt terrible for that yoyo. Someone who couldn’t afford a <$40 yoyo could have used that and learned some awesome tricks. In all, it was a :’(.

nope. In my old school I started a craze (they all think I’m a show off now) and everyone started getting yoyos from the local store. These were things like the brain, bumblebee, dragonfly. Me and two other friends were the yoyo pros (compared to everyone else). Put this kid got an atmosphere from his dad. He was very protective of it, but I finally got a turn. I think I offered him pretty much all my yoyos apart from my pgm, dm1, and maverick. I don’t know what’s happened to it, it’s probably got a few scratches on it. I just said this to show that some non-yoyoers treat their yoyos with more respect then most of us probably do.
Back on topic. At my current school I had to stop bringing yoyos in because two were stolen. One was returned by a friend whoose teacher had confiscated it from the thief, the other (a pgm) has never been returned. That pgm had been misused by a peer who started swinging it around over a wall. People have no respect for other’s property. But spending loads of money on something just so you can shove it in other’s faces, that is sad and stupid.

agreed!!! I have a nublet freind who has a kickside (he has had it for 3 weeks [it is broken]) a WYYC 2010 (2 weeks{broken}) and he is about to buy an 888x (it will be broken in a week i bet) I saw him smash the WYYC into the floor about 10 times in one minute, and he wonders why he cant use my 54. on the bright side, i started a craze at my school

Nope, but I don’t see how that’s much of a problem, people are buying yoyos aren’t they? Who cares what they do with their possessions and if the stuff ends up broken its really no one’s position to cry about it but their own. If theres an epidemic of quality yoyos being thrown out wherever you are, I would suggest swooping up on em. ;D

Ignore the kids that do that, and salvage those poor defenseless yoyos if possible…, you’re better than they are

i’d just offer them like 10 bucks before they destroy it ;D

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sounds like a personal problem, and not yours.


it doesn’t make me sad for the yoyos, more for the kids who don’t know the value of things. While some other kids in other parts of the world would be happy with a firedog or butterfly.

What makes me sad, is that these kids will someday have to vote to decide the future of our planet. And without core, base values taught by their parents, I fear the worst.

my history teacher says everday “the future of the world is in this classroom” and than we remind him of well… the insanity. to many people have no regard for anything, and when they get out of school, they wont be able to get a job…

but they’ll still get to vote

seen the movie “idiocracy” ? people think it’s about the future because it’s somehow set in the future, but the truth is, it’s basically telling the story of our days.

I love idiocracy … And I agree… It tells the story of our time, but I think we are also somewhat headed in that exaggerated direction

That really sucks man. They make themselves look really stupid for buying exspensive yoyos bragging about them and not backing a single thing up. And the fact they trashed them makes me sad. Anyway dude just ignore jerks like that.

what i say is ““that u can walk the talk but u cant walk the dog””

lol that was stupid but anyways no one at my school is anything like that they all think that my yuuksta is a rip off and that its not even close to worth 60 bucks and what i say is that " ok well your video games cost 60 bucks but they are on a freakin 10 cent cd"

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I once sold a kid a butterfly and later found he put the slipknot around the axle and used it as a necklace. I mean it is a bad yoyo, but still, he ruined it!!

And what’s so bad about this exactly?

People are getting a little too protective over OTHER people’s property. They can do whatever they want with their yoyos, only when they are jerks do I care.