Stolen Throws

Speaking of stolen yoyos has anyone else have they’re Throws stolen? I had my green sunset trajectory stolen and haven’t seen it since.

i know someone that got there 888x stolen

Man to think about my yoyos getting stolen…
Luckily none of my yoyos have been taken and I will keep an eye on my yoyos… Sorry to hear you lost one of your yoyos.

That must have been terrible! :’(

Sorry for your lost … :frowning:

Ouch, that’s gotta suck. :confused:
Like seriously? who steals a yoyo?

a jerk

I haven’t had any yoyos stolen from me, but I would hate to have that happen. But I also can’t think of when that could have happened, either.

Back in the 8th grade, someone swiped my 1-week-old Yomega Brain at the beginning of the day. After lunch, someone comes up to me saying “I found your yoyo” only to get an over-cranked Brain back, complete with a busted hub on the clutch side and cracked side caps. I then made the best of the situation, removed the caps, and put to use one of my previous brain halves without the clutch to now have a “Powerspin” yoyo…I pretty much salvaged what I had left, removed the caps, cut down the axle, and was good to go. I still have the revived yoyo to this day.

If I ever catch anybody trying to steal my yoyos I’ll break off both of their legs and tie them in knots around their neck.

sounds painful. lol
I’ll probably just do a nice hard breakaway to their groin. :stuck_out_tongue:
or maybe loop at 'em.

Never had one stolen. Just had one fall out of my pocket somewhere. Fortunately it was just a loop 720 and then I got another one for Christmas :).

I had my protostar stolen luckily my friends saw him do it and I got it back later.

In my neighborhood, if something gets stolen and you know who did it, you meet up with them at the park and beat the shit out of them. But thats just how it is for me…

I loaned a DV888 to a “friend” and he “lost it.” I to this day don’t believe crap he says.

And that’s if I’m having a good day…

once someone took my DM and kicked it down the hall and I never got it back :’(

I was selling them new agapes and at least 3 were stolen at missouri states 2010.

you should have said

“I’m trading 20 catch 22’s for an agape” and who ever didn’t buy one off you stole it :stuck_out_tongue:

nope, but a few years ago, there was a rash of yoyo theft at contests.

yeah i was at moyo this year talking to chris and he said there had been some theft in years past.