Theft of a throw

I run yoyo club at the school where I teach. On Friday AM I realized one of my beginner throws was missing. I scoured the room but couldn’t find it. I spoke to the last kid that threw it during club the day before but he claims to have returned it.
The problem is, a lot of kids know where I keep my stash, so I can’t accuse anyone directly. From now on I have to follow strict sign out procedure, which kills the ‘all are welcome’ vibe I try to foster. Very disappointed.
Have u ever had a throw stolen or destroyed and the culprit is still at large? Share your tale.

I haven’t had anybody steal my yoyos but that’s because I dont really have others using them. Sorry some little punk stole yours when it sounds like your doing a great thing by sharing your love of throwing with them. Dont let one bad seed ruin it for others though. Not sure how you can prevent this without making it seem to ridged but maybe a check list or when they get a yoyo they leave there bag behind your desk.

20+ page story in trader feedback section… Anyway, Brad Meyers aka yoyomasterall scammed me of an essence, a dark sonic, and a CLYW canvas. However, schnayke got the essence and dark sonic in a trade from brad, and gave them to me completely free just to be a cool guy! I know who got t canvas afterward too, but I have up on getting it back. I know of about 3 scammers from Wisconsin, bead traded the canvas to another scammer there.

I run a yoyo club at the school where I teach too. I had the exact same thing happen to me. Lost a mini-motu. I was pretty sure who it was, though, and when I asked him the next day if he’d taken it, he denied it profusely. However, he never showed up to club again, so I consider that an admission of guilt. And, like you, I went to a sign out procedure too. AND they could only sign out one yoyo per day. They were responsible for that one yoyo even if they traded with someone else. AND they couldn’t check out the same yoyo two days in a row. That way everyone got a chance to try something different. It wasn’t as fun as the “open case” environment that I wanted to have, but I haven’t lost another yoyo yet.

I have not had anything stolen. But, I am not very liberal with my things, when it comes to “lending,” so that probably explains why. I have given away plenty, but I rarely let people borrow my things. I only lend things that I don’t mind being damaged, or something I feel it is not a big deal if it is not returned. I don’t like the feeling I get when things get destroyed, or stolen, so I limit those favors to people I know very well. People who I lend things to, tend to be very careful with their own things, so I will trust them with mine. If anything went wrong, they would always get the benefit of the doubt for that reason.

In my life experience, I have learned the same thing about cash. I give what I am comfortable giving, but I don’t lend money to people either. Borrowing my things is like borrowing from a bank. Your credit (reputation, word) has to be good with me, or no borrowing is allowed. I guess my issue is that a yo-yo that is “borrowed,”’ comes with a promise to take care of it, and return it. If I know someone well enough, I’ll take the chance, but otherwise, I politely say no. I think the fact that I don’t like to lend things has as much to do with how I value my things, as the fact that I don’t like to deal with the potential of a lie or disappointment down the road. Something about it just seems like unfinished business.

I am more of a “giving” person than a “sharing” person. That’s for sure.

But, I wonder if the person who took your yo-yo did so because they cannot afford their own, or just impulsively wanted it, and they decided to keep it. Not that it matters…but I do wonder.

My friend got a Chief swiped from him. Confronted parents, got a nice $165 cash. But he knew exactly who took it however.

My marmot was stolen :confused: my baby :’(

The only time I have ever taken my entire collection out of my house was to go to PNWR. I usually never leave the house with more than one yo-yo on my belt loop.

I’m one of those OCD people who check their pockets every 2 seconds, so I feel safe bringing my throws out

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Thats :smiley:

In my case, I work at a private school with an annual tuition of nearly $25,000. Yeah, super rich kids. He could have gotten a much more expensive yoyo from mom and dad. I chalk it up to simple desire and bad decision making.

The kid I suspect offered to buy it from me earlier the day it went missing. Fortunately it was only a 10$ throw for noobs (fast 201) so I’m not out big cash, but I was hoping to experiment with a mod. The pisser is that this kid had something stolen from him earlier in the year so he knows how it feels to have something boosted.
Again, though I’m sure he did it, it’s public knowledge where my yoyo crate is, so realistically it could’ve have been anyone. I cant outright accuse him w/out proof.

I keep my metals someplace else though, someplace secret and safe.

Now all yoyos will be under lock and key.
I like the idea of the sign out and regardless of trading, you are responsible for the throw unsigned out. Also, a contract outlining expectations and responsibilities. A new club rotation starts next week so I’ll have to put that together.
Lesson learned I suppose. Ce la vie.

I got my Minty Mint Chief stolen in a trade. It was my first non fools gold Chief.

maybe I have OCD…

Funny you mention it, today at school I came back in from PE and my chief was sitting on the bench in the locker room and my bag was moved and open. They didn’t steal my Chief, probably didn’t think it was worth anything and/or didn’t know what it was. But they took a pair of earbuds, that’s the only other thing I had in there. :frowning:

Sorry for double, meant to modify.

Get a compartmented case, store the yoyos in that. Now you can tell at a glance what’s back and what’s out. Use a Sharpie or some other market to assign a number to each yoyo. Lock it. Lock up where the stash is.

People will steal anything these days.

I hope it comes back.

someone at the scyoyo club jacked my glacier express