yoyo theives

there are yoyos all over the school being stolen. any idea how to catch them. there has been a genisis,888,grindmachine,echo,g5 all nice yoyos but dont know who we talked to the princible and we have to catch them before anything he can do will work please any ideas will be considered

Keep your yoyos close.

Have the principal send out a pre-recorded message to all parents if possible, I have a large school(* different buildings) so this would be easy for us due to fundings and technology. Or just maybe put a mark or scratch somwhere under the rim or something and if someone has a stolen yoyo, look at the pen mark, scratch, whatever to make sure. Or like me DOn’t yoyo at school. It is not neccaserry and only leads to theivery, aggravated teachers, and you being sad. Unless the world had only good people, which it doesn’t.

all are stolen at yoyo club

Wait so why would you contact a principal if it happens at a club? Is it an after school club as like a school activity at school?

the club is before school we put it in our backpack while not me (in my pocket) by the time were walkint to class before bell it is gone and people start crying. i think they see where tthe yoyos are put and scout out how easy it would be to steal

you need to contact everyones parants if possible, or just observe people carefully…

That sounds very frustrating. Sound like some yoyo holsters might be in order. Then you can keep it on you. Or maybe you can have a different club member each week watch your backpacks. Or you need a camera watching your backpacks. Sorry, man.

That’s really lame…

Sorry but the only idea I have is putting a yoyo on a table while having fishing line tied to it and catch yourself a fish… or a rat in this case.

Ya know that is just messed up right there! I’ll help you as much as I can bro, I’ve had important stuff stolen from me, and I did not like it.

  1. Keep all Yoyos on you at ALL TIMES!!!
  2. Get EVERYONE involved in this crime, teachers, parents, pricipals, and if gets worse, even police
  3. Make your friends aware of this, and tell them the 1st 2 steps
  4. Question anyone with yoyos(where,who,how they got them, etc.)
  5. Get suspects interviewed by someone

If you have any more questions on what to do you can pm me, and like I said even though I’m a stranger, I’ll help as much as I can

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It always sucks when people take your stuff, if you don’t want it taken keep it on you, or leave it at home. You don’t need to be bringing 500 dollars worth of yo-yo’s to school. Just bring what you need and leave the rest at home. Hope you guys get your throws back.

MAKE A BAIT YOYO!!! Ok so heres what you do…you put a yoyo out in the open when ever and where ever you think the yoyos get stolen, once you put the yoyo down go hide some where but make sure you can still see the yoyo. When the yoyo thief comes by to take the yoyo pop out of your hiding spot and say AAHAA he will then in turn pee his pants and not know what to do. Then you catch him and turn him to the principle :slight_smile: hope it works haha

1: How are they being stolen? Are people leaving stuff out? Are lockers being broken into(are schools even allowed to have lockers anymore? They banned them where I live in like 1988…)

2: Why are you bringing your yoyos to school? I’m kinda mixed on the topic, but it seems to me some sort of personal responsibility is in order regardless.

3: I carry a LOG of all my yoyos that are with me when I go out to yoyo meets. I can tell at a glance if everything is put away properly. But when you’re carrying a yoyo case and a bag with a fixed amount of yoyos in it, it become easy real fast to see “too many holes” or “not enough in the bag”.

Considering my collection is growing and so are the cases I carry to yoyo meets, it’s essential to keep an active and accurate inventory.
(I also keep a listing of items I want in case BST opportunities present themselves, except I BUY!)

4: Why not get a small luggage-type lock to put on your backpack, assuming 2 zipper pulls. Are you putting your stuff in an area easy to get to? Maybe get a YYE Competition bag, lock that up, put that in your backpack and secure the backpack up as well. Harder means more time.

Also, maybe put your initials in Sharpie inside the bearing recess? Just an inconvenient way to mark, will be hard to remove and should help you get your stuff back.

5: If the club is before school, where are people leaving their backpacks? I typically take my stuff around with me.

Let’s step up the common sense practices and just make a little extra effort to stay organized and keep your stuff secure.

Was that “step up the extra common sense practices” referring to me? Come on…

maybe people just lost them, if not then look to see if anyone is using the stolen yoyos

It’s a comment to the world in general.

I have neighbors who park their cars outside and never lock them. oh, guess what, they got their radios stolen and other stuff in the car. Did they learn? No. They decided it was also more convenient to leave their keys IN the cars, and now the thieves have the cars that go with the radios.

Turns out they don’t like to lock their doors either. As you can guess, they got robbed.

Then they moved away. Or maybe they just ended up somewhere and decided “OK, we’ll just live here”.

Seriously though. People don’t take the time to do the little things that can make a big difference between safety and security.

So, this wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. More people need to “wake up from the fog that they choose to surround themselves with” and pay attention to the world in general rather than whatever is 3 inches in front of their noses.

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we have seen them playing with the yoyos 2 twins we ask where they got it they say um “my friend eric” then litearly run off the scene we tell a vteacher but we dont have any proof that they were ours some have the same dents i have taken a pic of every one of my yoyos and have a special marking on them so if i see hte yoyo in his hand i will tackle him whip out the pic and tell pricible

Put a tracking chip inside the caps of a YYJ and purposefully leave the yoyo out so it would be easy for someone to take. Then track the yoyo to the theive’s house

sure ill spend 50 100$ for a 120$ yoyo but great idea maybe my parents will get my one for my b day in a week

Ummm…it would be much easier to understand what you’re saying if you put in punctuation. You don’t even have to use commas, but even periods would help a lot.