How can I avoid my yoyo from being stolen in school?

At my school there are a lot of yoers. But I’m scared because I feel like someone is going to steal my yoyos when I turn my back. I always have my yoyo in my pocket in school from periods 1-6, but in period 7 P.E. I have to put my clothes in my locker. Since I’m one of the 1st to get out, I feel like someone is going to break into my locker. where should I put my yoyo instead of my locker or my backpack (my backpack is also vulnerable)?

Put it where no one usually goes to.

Ask the pe teacher if they can keep it in there office. Usually when there away there office is locked and you can pick it up at the end of class.

I personally think that people who steal yoyos shouldn’t even have the right to yoyo.

I think that might work, but what if they say no?

there are a lot of throwers at your school? sounds pretty awesome. lol
but is there actually a problem with yoyo’s being stolen? because that’s pretty low. :confused: you could try hiding it somewhere if your coach doesn’t let you leave it in his office. like stuff it in your non-pe shoes.

There is not much of a problem of stealing, but if I show off my new yoyos, I might get jacked!

Ask a friend to keep it in his locker for you. Don’t make it too obvious.

You can get q lock for locker. Hence the name LOCKer

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just dont take it then.

Put a lock on the locker?

  1. Has anyone’s yoyo been stolen…?
  2. Are you just being paranoid….?
    if you answer yes to any of the above…. leave your yoyos at home….

Don’t go to school.

even better…!

I think you’re paranoid.

If you are unable to aquire a lock I would either hide it somewhere (not reccomended) or not bring it to school.

I’m pretty sure school is going to be over soon, so I’m pretty sure you can throw when you get home for a week or two.

Putting a lock, or requesting a lock could be a bit suspicious though. So if anyone asks you need the lock for your flash drive which you keep all your pony pictures :wink: (cause of all the kids with pot)

I’m bringing my E1ns '09 edition in school every single day and keep it in my pocket and no one stole it.
But is you have like psihycal education hide the yoyo in your bag somewhere or give it to your coach.
Best thing you can do. I hope I helped

I just keep it in my pocket and during PE my PE shorts have a little loop of string so iI use that to hold my yoyo. I left my yoyo sitting on my backpack out in the open waiting at a place after school and someone took it and I got it back but almost got in a fight. So ALWAYS KEEP IT IN YOUR POCKET!!! >:(

When I was in high school, in Junior HIgh we all had to had a combo lock. Locked up our gym clothes in baskets between classes, and used a regular locker to change into and store our “street clothes” in for PE class. In High school, we could use key padlocks or combination locks, but we had to find our own location for storing our gym clothes during the week. Seems to me that would be a safe place, assuming you could lock your stuff up. Considering I almost aways took my backpack with me between classes, I always had a place to convenient stash something, but in my case there wasn’t anything to stash.

Otherwise, I really suggest leaving it at home. Then again, I’m a parent now, so what do I know, right? Bring an inexpensive model for school if you just absolutely hvae to bring one. Save the nice ones for school events when you can show off your skills. Yeah, I know, after school, rules don’t apply so much and rules tend to get somewhat lax during lunch…

I don’t know about elsewhere, but thanks to idiots bringing drugs and weapons to school, as well as mass break-ins, there’s no schools around me with lockers anywhere except in the locker rooms so people can change for PE.

I don’t see any problem putting a padlock on a locker for PE. If you got nice clothes or something, there’s always somebody willing to steal something.

I admit I am, but I’m just scared because someone stole my P.E. uniform and I’m just trying to be safe.