Where to yoyo at school?

I am in junior high so they don’t want me walking around playing with a “toy” so when can I yoyo? I sometimes say I have to go to the bathroom and just yoyo for like 3 mins but what else can I do without getting in trouble. Please list your ideas below.

Don’t yoyo.

I would do this but school is so boring that I need something to look forward too.

yoyo at home, school aint for yoyoing.

I yoyo in te halls with my popstar. I usually wear a sweatshirt or long sleeves and I usually put my hand in my pocket of in my sleeve when I see a teacher that I l know will take it away. I sometimes yoyo in class while in my seat, but only with a hubstacked yoyo so I can pull start it, and I only yoyo in a class were I know I won’t get in too much trouble for it. Plus, for me lunch means a solid 38 minutes of uptight or atleast until there’s a crowd. I got in trouble for having a crowd of people staring far too many times.

Don’t yoyo at school. After school, race home, do your homework, then throw until you pass out or your arm falls dead.

this is what I do.


but back on topic ;D you could yoyo at lunch or get to class early and throw there for a bit before the bell rings. If you have any study halls and you are done with work ask the teacher if you can throw some.

Exactly, Yoyoing is something you do when your bored at home not when your bored at school… :stuck_out_tongue:

I yoyo mostly in hallways, works best. When it’s not actually freezing outside I will yoyo outside. Then again schools in Norway are open-minded enough to let pupils play with toys between classes and in lunchbreak. Don’t throw in class though, that’s stupid.

Yoyo anywhere, everywhere.

I seem to be the only one that the teachers actually think yoyoing is cool and let me do it whenever we’re not doing anything.

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I usually yoyo where people smoke. No one really seems to care… so yeah.

Also it’s probably worth mentioning I’m in college.

In junior high they HATED it when I yo-yoed in school. My principal actually banned me from sitting in certain places because I stood up and played with it. In high school I can yo-yo anywhere anytime other than class.

I’m in high school, so they let you yoyo anytime when you’re going in between classes, lunch, etc. Just look forward to high school and you’ll be able to throw any time you want ;D

haha i’m lucky i started in the last month of 8th grade so by the time teachers cared school was out but yea in highschool no one cares so look foreword to that

Our high school has a breezeway and assorted courtyards outside. I can yoyo out there before the bell, between classes, and during lunch if I was so inclined. Back when I used to eat lunch outside, I’d often do that.

Nowadays, I only bother yoyoing with a friend near the door to one of the courtyards before the bell.

We pnly have 5 mjins to get to class and a huge chool to walk in.

I can’t yoyo anywhere at my school they were band because the string can rap around people and hurt them >:(

That is pretty strict!

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Write a speach saying how close minded it is not letting yoyo because it is a “toy”. Problem solved.