Ok help soon plz!

Ok so I have this assignment in school where I have to take 10 things that represent me. I want to take a yoyo but I have always been hesitant about taking one to school. I need ur advice! ASAP

I take a yoyo with me to school everyday! It’s a lot of fun. Just go for it:)

Grown adults take yoyos to work, don’t be shy about your hobbies. Bust out a few slick tricks in front of the class.

Yeah, I bring one everyday.

Go for it! There’s nothing to be ashamed of since it’s who you are.

Do it. Who knows, you might meet someone new who yoyos as well and BAM new friend

I’ve gotten asked twice to do yoyo performances by teachers since Monday :smiley:

be glad you have the chance to…

as a homeschooler that is one of the few things i wish i could do. since im without a proper homeschooling group i wish i could actually perform or do what your getting the chance to do… alas i guess its one of the few things i must give up to finish school before lunch…

Do u guys carry the yoyo around in ur pocket or keep it in ur backpack?

I carry one in my pocket all day, everyday! :wink:

I have at least a half dozen yoyo’s sitting on my desk right now at work! :-X :stuck_out_tongue:

Take Yoyos to work everyday. One in pocket, two on desk, and 12 more Yoyos and spin tops in the car.

Depends on the pockets and the yoyo. My popstar fits anywhere.

you should bring it! and who knows you might get someone into yoyoing

Yea definitely bring a yoyo to school I bring one everywhere I go but not to shcool because I’m homeschooled.

Never fear to spread the love of yoyo

almost 30 years old and take a yoyo to work everyday