Anyone Yo-Yo At School?

I know me and my brother do, does anyone else?

I certainly do…

did I mention that I was homeschooled. :smiley: ;D

lol i’m at school now

who had 2 thumbs and a chief in hand right now at school?
This guy

I yo-yo at my son’s school… does that count?

I also yoyo at work. Or in the checkout line. Or at the doctor’s office. Or while waiting for a bus/ride. Or at the airport. Or in the parking lot while my wife goes in for a quick shop-around at a store. Or in the store while my wife does a quick shop-around. Or… etc…

Ahaha, this is my brother folks. I yo-yo in every class possible, I even do it during some activies in P.E.

so… Where are your thumbs and chief now?

Lol, sorry, couldn’t help myself :smiley:

And yes, I yoyo at school almost 24/7 ;D


I probably wouldn’t do it in school because of the kids that would make fun (at the school i would go to)…

Screw the haters. I get some crap. Solve it by doing an Eli hop dangerously close to their face.
Not that nice, but hey. Why not?

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That’s what I do when people laugh. The best part is I’m incredibly accurate too :wink:

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Me I do it at lunch and whenever I’m done my class work and the teacher has nothing else to teach. That and some upperclassman now call me “Yoyo” because of this reason.

I played at school all the time when I was I college. (class of 2000)

I yoyo at home (home is where i go to school)

I yoyo in the commuter lounge at my college when I have nothing else to do… realistically though I still throw even when I DO have work to do :stuck_out_tongue: oops

This is me now (freshman) when waiting for the instructor to let us into the room, in my dorm, ect. I got so frustrated when I find like three minutes on the washer/dryer and don’t have a yoyo on me.

During transitions in-between classes. Of course, since I’m the teacher, it’s not n issue.

Of course I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish my teacher would do that!

Im not in school anymore, but i always have at least one on me. Two or three if its club day.