Stolen Throws

one time i was making a trade and a guys stole my pspgo, when it was still $250, guys name was judah melendez, A.K.A jewondeck

guy was kicked off site the day before i shipped and after i shipped i googled his screen name

the first thing i saw on google was a yoyonation post saying"watch out for jewonedeck" i felt like a complete idiot

Almost had my 888x stolen by Mr. Chris Moore, you know that incredibly sad and disturbing human being who sucks badly at life and scams yoyos? Yeah apparently he’s such a loser he can’t even feed himself without scamming folks online. HAHAHAHA WHAT A PATHETIC LOSER! Luckily for me he seemed really sketchy from the beginning and his address was located in the middle of nowhere with no civilization around. Seems like a scam to me, so since he never specified that I had to ship first I decided to wait on his package to arrive. that was about 3 months ago and its still not here. yye has banned all of his usernames however if you are ever making a trade DO NOT SEND YOUR YOYO’S TO ANYONE NAMED CHRIS MOORE OR ANYONE WHO LIVES IN HOULKA, MS. HE ALSO HAS AN ADDRESS IN TULA. HE HAS STOLEN MANY YOYOS FROM A LOT OF PEOPLE INCLUDING A DV888 FROM MY BUDDY MLEWIS38.

Anyway karma will catch up with him, and if it doesn’t ill just head down to houlka ms and break me a pair of legs :slight_smile:
BTW Chris Moore, if you ever see this, watch your back, cause I’m comin for you.

Had a spinmaster 3 stolen from me at a church group, only to find it in my mailbox one day with a note that said “I dont like it, sorry.”

. >

The way I see it, if you get a yoyo stolen from you, you probably deserved it anyways.


Wow… That’s strange. 0.o

at indiana states this year i was gonna buy a singularity but i opened the bag and there was 1 half of a metal drifter wat stupid person is so low to steal a yoyo

luckily no one stole my yoyo but someone stole my friends pocket change and trick assassin at school.
He was sooo angry

until the only yoyo you own gets stolen and you have no money and nothing to throw. I dont think mlewis38 deserved that

Bought a Super-Wide on the BST and never received it. Does that count? Cause I feel like i’ve been robbed!!!

who’d you buy it from/when?
and that’s a shame, cuz the super wide is pretty good.

Or boomerang them…

or loop em

Or throw a cake at them, filled with snakes.


or, throw in a vat of LAVA!! bwahahaha

Or trace’s 7 terabyte hard drive with >9000 pony pictures >:D

If someone stole my yoyo I would ********* ****** ***** ******** ***** ********* **** ****** ******* with a side of potatoes and **** **** ************** ******* ;D

You are a really specific person

More like my 80 GB hard drive with over 1200 pony pictures… But it did make me laugh. C=

a kid at my school tried to steal me half- broken techno 2 that spun for maybe 2 seconds… he didnt even throw he just was jealous of what i could do lol. i then punched him. he cried. i got a detention along with him. it was worth it =)

I love the school system you stand up for yourself and you get punished… It seems to me they teach you to be a door mat.

I know the stuff that goes with theft. At one show(movie/art festival), some band stole over $10K in gear from me(mics, wireless accessories useless to them without the receivers). Even went through my box of mics and made their choices, leaving some, taking others, taking a couple of some types and leaving me others. The nature of the theft caused me to almost go out of business as it was required gear to handle a whole set of booked gigs that I had to cancel(over 300 gigs, while I scrambled to raise funds to replace the gear, which was too late to save those gigs). Another show, a different band decided “we’ll take the mic AND stand and this other mic that we were using”. Only a $200 loss, but still, for a small company, it hurts. But, in the entertainment field, there’s lost of idiots looking to take what they can when they can and a lot of intentional screw-jobs. I mean, it’s gotten to the point where I have to have my crew keep an eye on gear that isn’t being used but can’t be put back in the truck.(box truck, not a pick-up).

I’d figure the yoyo community would be a bit above that. Personally, I don’t trust this online trade stuff. Unless you’re going through some escrow or other intermediary to make things more “controlled” to ensure nobody gets screwed, you’re taking a big chance. Seeing prices on some of these items, that’s a BIG chance. At least with a purchase, the seller can get payment before shipping.

I don’t want to discourage the online trading here, but advise more caution. Personally, if I was going to trade, I want to check out the item I want to trade for, and likewise, so can the person wanting to trade with me. End result would be a trade that goes down with both parties happy and almost no chance of getting ripped off.

I just really dislike being ripped off. I hate being the victim of theft. I don’t do that to others. I don’t even think I’d borrow or even check out someone else’s yoyo without them being present and definitely not without their permission. Give it a check, a throw if allowed, maybe a trick if I’m capable and then return it. It’s not mine, show respect to the owner.

I tend to buy new anyways, so trading is probably not in my future.