Lost yoyo!

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone of ya’ll have ever lost a yoyo. I mostly keep mine in my room when I don’t bring them out but somehow my markmont next vanished… It was only about 2 1/2 months old and it just disappeared. I’ve never lost one and this is a first.

Keep in mind this is my first post and I just wanted something fun to contribute to the forums!

Once I lost my main the day before a competition…

Wich was it? That would of scared the heck out of me.

It was a dif e yo Internal Turmoil. I was like 10… Yeah it was right before MWR 2009 I think…

Nice, I’ve never had a difeyo. Always wanted to try one. Anyone else on that can post something?

I’ve lost yoyos before. It just happens. I’m currently missing one half of a myy n5 Desperado, and I’ve lost others in the past. Mainly when I’ve gotten out of the hobby for a time, and then I get back into it, I spend lots of time searching for my throws. It’s a bummer, but unless someone stole it, I’m sure your yoyo will eventually turn up. :slight_smile:

Haha thanks, I’ve been searching like crazy. The problem with halfs is that they can slide in gaps more easily…sure if you keep looking yours will turn up as well.

Yeah I couldn’t find my DV888 once for 2 weeks, and was yoyoless (about 3 months ago) and found it under a seat in my car :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never lost one…as far as I know…I have so many! I usually forget that I have a yo rather than lose it. I’ll be doing something and there an old forgotten yo is, hiding in a drawer, up on a shelf, in the garage. It’s just kind of crazy I guess. ::slight_smile:

well all that matters is that it’s found…maybe I should check my car hmm…

I usually lose my marbles and go crazy sometimes.

But I did lose my Duncan speed beetle and is never to be found again.

Find out where all of the lost socks go to it could be there. http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg230/pegould/LaughingSmiley.gif

But seriously we all from time to time misplace things or with others around they could misplace them for us or with me sometimes the biggest fear is that whatever it is was stolen. I had an exspensive camera stolen when I was in the navy.

Man that sucks, but that’s life. I atleast know it will turn up eventually, unlike your camera. And thank you for your service!

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I’ve never actually lost a yoyo, but I have lost axles and bearings. I recently lost a bearing for my hspin (which only accepts size D bearings, which are uncommon) so I need to buy a new one :confused:

My friend told me he lost 2 throws, 1 could probably found, the other, a Mighty Flea I can see loosing. But I thought, how do you loose a throw? Sounded hard to loose a yoyo.

I have about 10 or so yoyos and I have never lost one. Sometimes set it down somewhere for the day and forgot I left it there, but not lost…

So no, I haven’t lost a yoyo.

Maybe I should go check them… ::).

Size A bearings work. Not the same size but they fitZ

size A and D have different dimensions so I highly doubt it would work.

You could always try

One time I lost my Duncan Mosquito, one of my first throws That I had outgrown so I decided to make it my “Carry-On” throw. I left it at the Mall or something and saw a Kid walking around do some crappy gravity pulls on it at school. He set it down and when he wasn’t looking, I pulled out a Paperclip to use as a screwdriver and took out the axle. When he picked it back up and it fell apart, his face was priceless. LOL