Lost yoyo!

nice! Serves him right XD

The A Duncan bearing fits in my Hspin Envy64…

I lost my torrent at air rifle practice because I was tired and about to fall asleep and left it there. Luckily one of my friends that does air rifle too on a different day saw the Yoyo I left and gave me a text to see if it was mine. I said yes obviously and she put it in my air rifle case that’s there and next week I had my Yoyo again.

Yeah I have lost yoyos, back in the 90’s cotton string, around the world, and starburst response got me to launch two of my yoyos right into a lake. (Learned to not point yoyos at anything you don’t want it to hit from that. lol :frowning: Losi cherry bomb, and grim sleeper. sad days those where. Had to scrounge cans to get yoyos back then.
Now a days, I don’t notice when I have lost a yoyo a lot of the time, but then just find it in the trunk of my car, in my desk at work, or like a jacket pocket I haven’t worn in some time. I had to move my desk recently at work and found a yoyo I got about 8 years ago, it must have fell out the back of the drawer, probably the most surprised I have been to find a yoyo. I actually had forgot all about owning that one.

I just played a Grim Sleeper yesterday! ;D I haven’t heard that yo mentioned for a while!

Yes, I just tried it and it does fit. My only concern is that since the “A” size bearing is a bit smaller in diameter, the string may slip behind the bearing since it does leave a bit of a gap between the edge of the bearing seat and the bearing itself that the string could slip into. This could cause a nasty snag. :wink:

Note also that you can’t go the other way - Size “D” bearing in a Duncan made for “A” bearings. It won’t fit properly in the bearing seat.

I left my H3X at the YYSL Booth at BAC, I went back and somebody had it, I asked politely “hey that’s my yoyo, I left it here, may I have it back?”

going off topic for a minute then will go back to topic. i played an A bearing in my nvx because i couldn’t find the bearing it plays fine just cant compare to the awesomeness of a hspin d bearing.

also on topic I lost my YYF one have no clue which one of my friends has it just kept getting passed around and hasn’t been in my possession since fall lol but i have two of them so im all good

I haven’t lost one but I know some of people that lost their’s. One friend lost BOTH his Whip, and DV888. Another friend thought he was cool unscrewing his Velocity and throwing it around, claiming that he didn’t care if it scratched or not. He then loses his bearing in the process. -_-

Just remembered, I lost my SR-71 a year ago. Miss that thing, but its in the storage somewhere,…

I have lost a Dark Magic II before. I think I left it in some korean tofu restaurant. I got so mad at myself when i got home but when I went back to check it wasn’t there anymore. :frowning:

So did you get it back? :slight_smile:


Hooray! The new H3X looks so smooth. That thing is so good looking.

Lost bearings and my sister lost some aoda yoyo.

I keep my yoyos attached to me with a holster whenever they are outside the case, so the only opportunities to lose one would be between the case and the holster, and the holster and my hand. Needless to say, highly unlikely.

I almost lost my echo in the sequoias. I was throwing by a tree and it came off my finger and started rolling down a hill. The color I have it in sorta matched the ground so it was really hard finding it but I did eventually. Other than that I have never lost a throw.

Ive only ever lost 2 yoyos, one of them was a Duncan Tournament (lost that before I even got into modern jojoing) and a Bigyo (put it down one day and it vanished. I have to flipping idea where it went)

Yyf starlite :frowning:

I lost my mighty flea