Anyone ever lost a yoyo they spent a lot on?

i lost my shinwoo zen about 4 days ago and been ripping my house apart ever since haha. Paid like $50 for it and really like and and not looking forward to buying another. Hopefully ill find it lol, am i the only one? haha

I lost a National Master Edition Dark Magic to a scammer. Somebody I know lost a Superstar at the same time to the same scammer.

I lost a 1 of 10 polished luchador.

I got scammed out of an Ogopogo BvM and a darkmagic from some guy.

My first run 28 Stories Peak got jacked from my friend’s apartment, :(.

I never lost a yoyo but I am currently missing the stock bearing from my Virus and one of the weight rings from my Hi-Power Zen. So, yeah I am going nuts trying to find them, I can’t imagine losing a yoyo.

Project 2 vI got my brother. Actually my brother lost it lol. I also lost a Hayabusa in a bush…

Oh, haha. I totally forgot about 4A yoyos… I’ve lost several Pandas down my open vent(the cover fell off and won’t go on), and two or three YYF Offstrings to the depths of the EMP, and one Offstring in my friend’s backyard.
I can’t keep track of those things. Lol.

Never lost anything yoyorealated :slight_smile:

Once the yoyo leaves my finger it goes right into my pocket/case. can’t imagine losing one

I recently got jipped outta $40 i sent for a yoyo. MAKES ME ANGRY!!! idk if im ever gonna trade again…stinkin scammers…if i do trade theyll send first every time

I just recently lost my modded dv888

Who was it? How long ago was it?

I lost an AIGR bearing while it was being thrown in a yo-yo. (Thanks a lot Matt! :stuck_out_tongue: jk)

I lost a Duncan Mosquito at school! :smiley:

And I miss it soo much now!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

But so far, I have not experienced a scam.

Same here, never lost one, never will. (Unless you count a Duncan Mosquito a yoyo that you spent a lot on! :D)

Slimer on here, he claimed he got the money Jan. 6 and sent the Auldey L3 on Jan. 8 I still havent gotten it, so im guessing i got jipped out of $40. Ive tried contacting him, but its to no prevail. :’(

if you are still looking, pm me, I will tell you where you can buy one for a similar price, still that is pretty crappy, Im sorry to hear that.

I recently couldn’t find my skyline…went nuts about it. Especially since I had all my yoyos in one spot and when I went to work they were all there, but my skyline was missing when I got home. My sister ended up finding it under some papers while I was sleeping. Convenient? I think so haha

I lost my Bassalope…
So sad…

I let a student borrow my Superstar. He lost it.