Did you ever lose a yoyo?

Have you ever lost a yoyo? bearing? Have you retrieved it? Or were you lucky to never have this happen to you?

never lost anything…

yup, lost a Sleipnir and a Firmy in a package that never arrived and I also lost another Sleipnir in a river

Man, that sucks! But utterly entertainable. ;D

Never lost anything permanently. I believe I have misplaced a couple of throws, but I found them all.

In a river?! I’d love to hear this story…

I was walking on a bridge when I almost got run over, I dodged and hit the barrier, and the Sleipnir fell off my pocket into the water.

It was my carry-around throw, beaten like no other yoyo I’ve ever owned, yup, this one had been loved. I hope the trouts enjoyed it as much as I did.

Lost a hardcoat 08 888 in the mail. Still annoyed about that.

Yes a yomega maverick with a homemade counter weight on it. It was in my bag then it went missing… I’m guessing a rotten 5th grader did it to this day.

usually lose a bunch of stuff around my house. currently I’m missing 2 yyf ONEs and a whip. Also I think my red 888

I haven’t lost one yet. I misplaced a few though. On the way to a contest, I put them in my glove box, in the car, in case I decided to make them part of a deal.

I never made any deals at the contest, so I forgot about them. I went looking for them to list them for sale, but I couldn’t remember where I put them. One day, I finally went looking in the glove box for something else and found them. ;D

Lost my jensen painted canvas… Still cant find it :frowning:

Cypher, can’t find it… was really liking it. Been gone for about 2 weeks. I’m in the process of moving, so hope I run into it again while unpacking a box soon.

Who was it that lost their favorite yoyo on a tour boat at Alcatraz or something?


A moment of silence for our fallen comrade.  :’(

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Only thing I’ve lost so far is a sweet Northern Spin CORE bearing. It’s in my house somewhere, affixed to the end of a chopstick… Lord only knows where…

Theres gotta be a story for that…

I once lost my genesis for three weeks… ohh the withdrawals. :wink:

You own NSCo?

No, just the bearings! Haha! There are a few I’d LIKE to own, though… :frowning:

There’s not much of a story to the chopstick. That’s what I use as part of my cleaning process. I was probably spinning liquid out of the bearing OR distributing lube into the bearing when a baby cried and I had to set it down somewhere. Fell asleep with the baby, forgot about the bearing. When I remembered to get back to it, no memory of where I left it and no ability to find it in the usual places. It has been months now and I still don’t know where it might be.

I had missed this story!
My god, it must have been terrible … I would have had the urge to throw myself from the bridge!
If you can console to my Milan friend, stole a ti-walker inside home.