Did you ever lose a yoyo?

I lost the axle to my Horizon… Luckily, the folks at YoyoFactory were kind enough to send me a replacement.

I’ve never lost any, I baby my yoyos, especially my silver Shutter to hell.

I love my everyday beater hubstack genesis. It was and still is my favorite yoyo. I really really seriously very much miss it. I really really do…badly…I love that yoyo…I hope I find it one day…really hope I find it…sad…very sad…Its not a great yoyo in the eyes of many, but it just fit my hand perfect…oh my baby wherearout thou? I hope your warm…and have food…I have new string for you if you decide to come home…in your favorite color…I promise not to hit you on the ground as much…I was younger then…Ive matured…may be we can just meet and talk baby…your my one…my only…my love…forever in my heart…the clyw was just a phase…she is still around but doesn’t mean anything to me…you know you can’t be replaced by her…come back…

I never really lost one, but misplaced a few for awhile. I was leaving NER, and put two throws I had available to sell in the glove box. I forgot I put them there, and was in no rush to find them, because they have a double. So, when I discovered them in the glove box, it had been well over a month, and they were in the hot glove box during the Summer. They were fine, except one was a Whimsy PokerFace that suffered a warped cap on one side. It’s just slightly bent so it won’t stay in. I’ve been watching Youtube videos about how to fix warped vinyl records, hoping it will help me straighten it out. If it was still hot outside, I’d put it back in the glove box with a weight on it to try to fix it.

I bet you read all that. :wink:

Never lost one in my life and I plan to keep it that way for a while lol :smiley:

I actually just recently lost my only good yo-yo. The weird thing was that I didn’t even notice I lost it until a friend of mine brought it to me. He was like, “Hey, I was wondering if you could tell me if this is a good yo-yo or not. I just found it in the grass outside.” Then I realized he had my yo-yo, and he gladly gave it back to me. I’m just glad someone I knew found it and not someone else.

I still miss a Onedrop Space Bat M1 that I used to have.
The year was 2008. I was working at Guitar Center. I almost always brought a yoyo to work.
On that fateful day, I had my spacebat in the front pocket of a Dicky’s type black GC shirt. I was working hard to sell a cheap amp to a family and their 14 (or so) year old kid, and I succeeded. It was night time.
After finishing the transaction, I helped the family carry the amp to the car and loaded it into the trunk for them.
Only later did I realize that the yoyo had fallen out of my pocket and into the trunk of the family’s car.
I can’t imagine what they thought when they found it in there. I like to think that the kid found it, threw it, and developed a passion for yo-yoing. Maybe he still throws it today.
Still, I miss it. Something about that yoyo was particularly satisfying.

I can picture it right now:

Kid - “Hey mum, check what I found in the back of the car!”

Mother - “That’s nice Gentry, now finish your homework.”


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someone stole my jensen kimmitt northstar. im pissed cause i have all his other signatures… anyone have an extra?

I’m sorry I cann’t help you.
but not you should despair … who it stole your yoyo, sure he will be exploded, as have many of these yoyos…


I lost half of a blue Butterfly XT (my first yoyo) back in April 2014. To this day I have no idea how I lost it and where it is :frowning:

I lost my isotope 2 in Vegas during a night I had a little too much fun :wink: luckily a friend saw it and picked it up, and it should finally be returned home on Monday.

Lost several yoyos into lakes and rivers back in the day before I learned my lesson. Starburst and cotton strings. The 90’s where an interesting time.
I traded a couple YYF 09’ severes for what turned out too be stolen yoyos. I sent the stolen throws back too their rightful owner but never got my severe’s back.
Other then that I have misplaced yoyo’s sometimes for years at a time but have always found them again.

I take care of all of them, never lost one, unless being borrowed by a friend and it doesn’t return counts.