Lost Yo-Yos?

So what yo-yos have you lost?

Yesterday I lost both my wallet and my Grind Machine. :-[ So what yo-yos have you lost?

A nice person did the right thing with the wallet and I have it back intact now…but the Grind Machine is history. The silver lining I guess is that hopefully whoever found it is now having a good time with it, but I’d rather give it to someone, not loose it! Oh well. Goodbye Grind Machine. :-\

I’ve lost a couple Duncan Butterflys too somehow. Those just fly away or something I’m not sure what happens to them.

I lost my Duncan bumblebee it was the first ball bearing Yoyo I ever got and was my gateway to all this. Im way bummed. It’s not like I ever play with it anymore, but had some serious sentimental value. My first braintwister, first trapeze, first split the atom… >:(

I’ve temporarily misplaced a couple things before, but never lost any yoyos. I lost my noctu for like 3 or 4 days, and I had no idea where it went. then I was digging for some socks in my sock drawer and felt it. Still have no idea how it got there.

Not exactly lost. Well, maybe. Maybe I should have fought for it more.

I’m not “youngster”, but I got my first yoyo in 1978, I was 7. If it makes you feel any better, I can’t recall if it was a birthday or Christmas present, since they are around the same time. Anyhow, it was a white wood Duncan Imperial. Not sure if it was a wood axle or metal as I never took it apart. I did not know how to throw it properly, I could never do anything with it. Sleep? Nope. Gravity Pull? Nope. Very frustrating. So, I’ll go skip ahead a few months to when the string finally broke. I was yelled at for breaking my toy, and it was taken away, never to be seen again. Hey, I tried. I wore that string out!

Fast forward to 2011. Decided to get into yoyo. One of my kids decided to get into it too. He received a Yomega Brain in red. He picked it out himself. Tried to steer him to the Duncan Reflex in red, but he knew more or less what he wanted, from knowing nothing. This was back in May. He’s still working on gravity pull, and when he can do that a few times, there’s a ONE waiting for him. Well, he started school in August, and the weekend right before, he lost it. I had taken it away from him the week before, but it was because his younger sister was grabbing it to use it against him. Anyhow, it’s usually a few hour take-away or sometimes an over-nighter depending on the time. I was fairly sure I gave it back, but I can’t always recall. Anyhow, I was worried he was going to be telling his new friends that he lost his BRAIN, but people would think he lost his brain. He can’t find his BRAIN. I could imagine it: “I lost my BRAIN. I can’t find my BRAIN. I don’t know where my BRAIN is. I want my BRAIN back!” I was waiting for that dreaded phone call where the teacher is sure my kid is some sort of nut case and needs professional help, despite how I try to explain this. “No, seriously, its a yoyo. There is a yoyo model called a BRAIN. I even have one myself at home, he’s been using it since he can’t find his”. “Right, whatever…” This wasn’t going to be easy.

Fortunately, last weekend, my wife found his yoyo. She took it away, and in her “putting it away”, as per typical, it was lost. With my kid re-united with his BRAIN, I’m no longer worried about the situation I was concerned about. I have him keep his BRAIN in the case I keep all my other yoyos in. Nothing gets lost anymore!

I’ve lost a ProYo but never anything that spectacular.

Ive never lost any yoyos. But i keep them on the yyf holster (geek) and keep them in my case any other time. i also keep my case in the same place at all times.

well, I’ve never lost a yoyo, but I’ve been scammed out of a legacy, a modded pro yo, and a tactic.

My Yellow YYF Northstar while I was riding my bike to work hahaha thing fell out of my sweaters pocket and i didn’t notice until it was to late

Lost my Duncan Mosquito, yoyo I learned trapeze, double or nothing, and braintwister on. Scammed out of a yuuksta. Now that I have made a yoyo case I can’t find all the stickers that I have obtained, yoyoexpert, yoyoz, yoyorewind, big yoyoexpert x stickers…uhhhhahhhhhh

Working at a car wash and we are getting in and out of cars all day. Well had a pair of Loop720’s that I called “Phil and Lil” (rugrat anyone, eh? eh?) Anyway, I had one in my pocket and it fell out into someone’s car during the day and was like “Lil! No!”, but its all good. I asked my girl friend to buy me one for Christmas. Now the twins are reunited again. Happy day.


Like 2 years ago I left my Anti-yo Fluchs on top of my car and drove away, didn’t realize what I had done for over an hour. It still hurts a little

I’ve never lost a yoyo, but my old Duncan Mosquito was destroyed. haha. Long story.

Do tell.

I cry and celebrate almost daily in my house. I have 5 kids all 7 years old and under and since they are toys I can’t justify putting them up and away because my thoughts are, if they get played with, that is why I have them. There are like 2 that are off limits. My purple 888 and Genesis, because those are like the only 2 that are still mint and expensive haha. The rest get played with and lost on an almost daily basis, and then some how found a day or two later.

Right now though, my purple 888 is missing, my b stock 888 is missing and a loop 900 is missing. I had my worlds 2010 pop star gone for like 4 months before it was found like 2 weeks ago. But as of like 2 weeks ago I actually still have all of my yo-yos accounted for which is amazing considering! lol

I got 4 kids, all 7 and under(one just turned 5). Granted, they are toys(so to speak), but my kids have the knack for destroying anything they can get within 100 feet off. With the 3rd using any yoyo as a “rock on a string” and beating the older ones into submission with it, yoyos are OFF LIMITS!!

Now, the 7.5 year old has a ONE. The 5 year old is still using a BRAIN to try to earn a ONE that has been waiting for him since June. The third, well, she’s been finally “broken”. Her last efforts were to typically unwind whatever yoyo I had out, going “daddy yoyo”. Well, daddy said DO NOT TOUCH!!!

I keep my yoyos in this compartmented case that I got from Home Depot. It even has a “lock”, which is merely a slider. Doesn’t work to keep the 3rd one out, she knows how to flip it and get in. But, for the moment, the yoyo stealing and breaking and destroying is under control for lack of a better term.

There will NOT be 5 kids. The 2 pugs are sufficient!

Put my ILYY Fury on the windshield of my car. Yo’d for a little while with a different yoyo then decided to leave. I drove about a few miles to the turnpike, got on and when I got up to about 80mph I watched it slide up the windshield and over the car. That day sucked so bad because I’d only had it a month. It was my favorite yoyo.

Moral of the story: Don’t set yoyos on your car